Moulding Ideas for a Modern Study

Posted By Volterra Apr 12, 2019

interior mouldingMoulding in modern homes is shifting away from the ornate and layered designs of classical design. Instead, your modern study will benefit from moulding that is big, bold, and clean. With these simple ideas, you can transform your dusty old work space into a modern study that is worthy of a magazine cover.

Extra Tall Baseboards

A big change we’re seeing these days is a move toward taller base boards in a contrasting color, usually white. By having base boards that come 3-4” up the wall, you create a bright focal point that outlines the room and frames the walls nicely. Oftentimes this is done without the addition of crown moulding. Instead, the wide framing stands out around doors and windows.

Sharp Corners on Moulding

Again, moving away from delicately carved wood moulding, more modern looks feature a single straight line. Indeed, many base boards these days are nothing more than a straight board. This creates a strong appearance and an element of depth where you can see the upper edge of the base board. In some cases, designers paint the upper edge a darker color so that the white of the board’s face stands out even more from the walls instead of letting the baseboard taper into the wall’s surface. If you’re looking to bring your outdated study into the modern era, changing the design of your base boards and other moldings can do the trick. The best part is that modern-looking mouldings are easier than classical designs to install and fit because they have more straightforward surfaces to work with. You can also change up the look with a little bit of color to make a big impact. For more design ideas, visit Volterra Architectural Products online and see our full gallery.