Every facet of a building needs to work together to keep it standing strong and tall. An enormous feature like the ceiling doesn’t just stay suspended on its own, supported by just a few walls. It takes carefully placed structures that will absorb the pressure and disperse it to stronger areas. Beams achieve this feat, sitting high above in a building and transferring all of the weight to walls and columns. Sometimes, however, these beams are for function only and do not meet the design and aesthetic standards of builders, designers, and homeowners. Non-functional architectural beams are equally valuable additions. Standard beams do all of the hard work of bearing the weight. It is the job of the decorative beam to make a space shine as brightly as it can with its beautiful exterior. Faux beams that garner the most attention are typically those that duplicate the appearance of natural wood. Natural wood is a desired material because it has an elegant appearance that evokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, the cons of natural wood makes it a less enticing prospect when a builder is looking for purely aesthetic use. Its tendencies to wear, rot, and warp become problems down the line that require regular care. Faux beams, fortunately, avoid these problems, given their entirely synthetic makeup. The quality of beams will inevitably vary while looking for the ideal producer, but Volterra Architectural Products is the best bet for people who want consistently excellent products. Volterra has been in the business of manufacturing faux wood products for years. Volterra’s beams are created from high-density polyurethane foam for the sake of easy installation and round-the-clock immunity against the elements. With hollow interiors, these beams can fit around functional beams to adorn them with the breathtaking colors and textures of natural wood. Volterra has also garnered a reputation as a leading manufacturer of hardwood moulding and millwork products in Arizona. For more information about the unique products from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373 today.