Panel moulding is simple, clean and symmetrical, adding just enough style to add purpose to these empty spaces.

Panel moulding differs from other types of moulding in that it is applied directly onto the surface, as opposed to edges or sides. Panel moulding does just what its name implies, creating square or rectangular panels along a wall. The resulting effect is not meant to be a grandiose display of fine taste or ornate sophistication. What it does is accentuate a blank wall with simple, sweet character.

While these molds are primarily shaped as squares or rectangles, different styles that vary at the corners can be chosen if homeowners want something that veers from the standard model. Some curve in before extending back out to the straight lines that comprise the sides, while others jut in and out. Some have elaborate corners with various curves and bends intermingling with one another before smoothing out once the corners end.

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