Phoenix Faux Wood Beams

Posted By Volterra Mar 27, 2016

Home decorating with wood and reclaimed wood has become a very popular design trend. But, did you know that wood is the main attractor for termites? Termites and other insects are a nuisance outside the home, but inside, they can wreak havoc, causing so much damage that sometimes walls and floors need to be ripped out to get to the infested wood. Wood beams are no exception. This is why in Phoenix faux wood beams are the perfect solution.

In Phoenix, faux wood beams have solved the problem for so many homeowners. Arizona is known for the prevalence of desert subterranean termites that love desert plants and they are notorious for severely damaging utility poles, outdoors, as well as structural timbers in many homes and commercial buildings. Phoenix faux wood beams, made from high density foam (HDF) embody the beautiful character of real wood, but are insect and termite resistant. There will never be a reason to unnecessarily destroy your home due to insect infestation when you choose Phoenix faux wood beams over natural wood.

Cast from natural wood beams with surface textures and wood-grain detail of real wood, Volterra’s simulated wood ceiling beams perfectly duplicate the real thing. They provide the same visual appeal as solid wood beams, and addition to repelling insects, homeowners don’t have to deal with the added expense and complex installation. Using Phoenix faux wood beams also eliminates the need for the multiple able bodies that would be required to lift and install authentic wood beams because high density foam is a fraction of the weight of lumber and the beams are easy to install.

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