Quick and Easy Foyer Design Ideas

Posted By Volterra Nov 18, 2019

foyer design ideasYour foyer plays an important part in welcoming guests to your home and creating a first impression, but it must also serve a functional purpose during your day to day life. Designing a beautiful foyer that makes your life simpler doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Less is More

You don’t want your foyer to look like a dumping ground for bags, shoes, and coats at the end of the day. Instead, adding some lowkey storage to your foyer can help keep things clean and presents an image of everything having a proper place. You can do this with a simple coat rack, a small shoe rack or even a miniature desk with a tray on top for keys and phones.

Proper Lighting

Another pitfall of many foyer designs is the lighting. Dark foyers without proper lighting make it hard for people to navigate the narrow space. Instead, stick to light colors and make sure that you have plenty of bright light so that everyone can see where they are going and where to put their things.

Add Drama

Even with light colored walls, you can add drama to your foyer with the right trim selections. Dark colored trim that leads visitors through your house is a great choice. Dark trim looks great against the light backdrop and you can even find matching partial trusses or accents to create a uniform look from top to bottom. In addition, using colored trim to frame pictures or artwork in your foyer makes a bold impression. Don’t let your foyer suffer from dingy lighting and cluttered furniture. Instead, open things up with light colors, and use your trim to effectively tie your foyer into the rest of your home’s decor. To see a gallery of brilliant foyer design ideas, visit Volterra online and check out our gallery.