Are Faux Wood Trusses Right For Your Home?

Posted By Paul Birkhead Sep 30, 2020

While vaulted ceilings can add an old-world charm and grand appeal that makes any room more striking, they can also come across as outdated and feel like a huge waste of space. If you have a room inside of your home with an open area ceiling, you may have already wondered if there is anything that you can do to add character to the otherwise unused space. Faux wood trusses are a great way to add rustic charm that is both timeless and eye-catching in an otherwise uninteresting ceiling space.

At Volterra Architectural Products, we are a leading manufacturer of faux wood trusses and other polyurethane architectural details. Our lightweight decorative truss kits are an easy way to transform the look of an open ceiling area without breaking the bank.

Volterra Faux Wood Beams

What are Faux Wood Trusses?

Faux wood trusses are a collection of faux wood beams that interconnect to replicate the appearance of natural timber structural frames. Unlike natural wood roof trusses that bridge the space above a room and provide additional roof support, faux wood trusses are decorative. Even though decorative trusses do not provide any additional structural support they can easily add character and beauty to your ceiling space. The natural color and gorgeous look of wood grain are sure to create a warm and welcoming feel to your home.

The faux wood trusses from Volterra are manufactured with a lightweight urethane material using molds from natural timber beams. Our decorative trusses give you the aesthetic benefits of natural wood trusses without the immense labor and material costs of installation.

Why are Faux Wood Trusses a Good Choice?

In addition to costing a lot and being incredibly heavy, there are other drawbacks of natural wood that faux wood trusses are not susceptible to. Faux wood trusses will not crack, split, rot, mold, or degrade with the proper care — and believe us, very minimal care is required. Because these are long-lasting, they are well worth the investment.

There are also a wide variety of styles, textures, and stains to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect option to match your taste as well as your home’s architectural style. Compared to truss systems manufactured from natural timber, which is costly no matter the size or type, faux wood makes it easy to get the ideal exposed trusses that your interior space requires.

What Decorative Truss Design Options Does Volterra Offer?

As mentioned, Volterra’s faux wood trusses come in different options that replicate the color and grain of natural timber. Whether you prefer a smooth or rough-cut look, there are plenty of texture types to choose from — the choice is yours! Our truss kits are available in Doug Fir, Hand-Hewn, Rough-Sawn, Tuscany, and Sand Blast textures. You can also select a stain to fit the style of your space.

When it comes to decorative truss designs, Volterra has a lot to choose from. Both the King Truss Kit and the Huntsman Truss Kit are popular among homeowners looking for something simple that adds the look of exposed beams to your open ceiling. Those who are looking for something a little more complex should check out the Aspen Truss Kit, the Oxford Truss Kit, or the Hawkeye Truss Kit. In total, we offer 12 decorative truss designs, each with the ability to be personalized with the above-mentioned texture and stain options.

How Do You Know What Size Truss Kit to Get?

When you find a decorative wood truss design that you like, you’ll be able to choose the beam size, pitch, and room width so that you can ensure you order the right faux wood truss system for your space. If you aren’t sure of the exact specifications that you need, our team is happy to help! Contact us today and an experienced member of our team can walk you through the process.

Faux wood trusses are a cost-effective and easy way to add depth, character, and charm to rooms with vaulted or cathedral ceilings. If you’re interested in shopping Volterra’s selection of decorative truss designs, shop our online store!