Colors When you think of refreshing your patio ceiling, color is one of the first concerns that comes to mind. You don’t want a color that makes your patio ceiling look too close or too small, but you also want something that meshes seamlessly with your design taste. Faux wood planks are produced in a wide range of shades, so you will certainly be able to find an option which not only suits the height and size of your patio ceiling, but also its aesthetic.  


Choosing the right texture for your patio ceiling materials is key to creating an inviting outdoor space. Fortunately, if you choose to work with faux wood planks, you’ll have many texture options. Faux wood planks offer everything from the soothing curves of a sand blast texture to the authentic rustic look of a hand hewn option.  


As part of your outdoor space, your patio ceiling is constantly exposed to weather and other elements. Faux wood planks are built for longevity under any conditions, and they require minimal maintenance throughout their long lifespan. Designing a patio ceiling with faux wood planks allows you to create the aesthetic you’ve dreamed of without labor-intensive upkeep, so you can spend your time truly enjoying the outdoor space you’ve created.   Volterra Architectural Products offers a range of faux wood plank products that can give your patio ceiling a fresh new look. Our products are strong enough for outdoor spaces, and our wide range of designs ensures that you will find just the right product to tie together your exterior entertaining space. Visit our catalog today to see our full collection and get ideas from our portfolio. For more information, contact us at 602-253-7373.