Some FAQs About Engineered Wood Beams

Posted By Volterra Nov 20, 2018

Discover the essentials of engineered wood beams, a modern alternative to traditional lumber, in our comprehensive FAQ guide. Learn about their composition, strength, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal to make an informed decision for your construction projects.

What is Engineered Wood Made Of?

Engineered wood beams offer a high-strength, versatile alternative to solid wood. Comprising multiple wood layers bonded with adhesives, this material encompasses a variety of products like laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and glulam. These technologies allow for larger, customizable sizes beyond what solid wood can offer, combining durability with flexibility in design.

How Does Its Strength Compare to Natural Wood?

The strength of engineered wood beams can surpass that of many natural woods, particularly in moisture resistance and load-bearing capacity. This performance advantage is due to its engineered structure, providing reliability and stability where traditional wood might falter.

Is Engineered Wood Eco-friendly?

Contrary to initial assumptions, engineered wood beams represent a sustainable choice. Their production maximizes the use of harvested wood, reducing waste and the number of trees needed for construction projects. Furthermore, the use of low-toxicity adhesives minimizes environmental impact, aligning with increasing customer demand for sustainable building materials.

Aesthetic Possibilities with Engineered Wood

Engineered wood beams are not just about strength and sustainability; they also offer diverse aesthetic options. With the capability to mimic the appearance of exotic hardwoods without the associated cost or environmental toll, engineered wood provides an attractive and practical solution for achieving desired design outcomes.

Engineered wood beams present a compelling option for those seeking a balance between aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and environmental responsibility. With their ability to emulate the beauty of natural woods while offering superior performance and sustainability, they stand out as a smart choice for modern construction needs. Interested in exploring engineered wood beams for your project? Contact Volterra Architectural Products today to learn more about how these innovative solutions can elevate your next project.