architectural products

The modern consumer is increasingly becoming eco-conscious in many lifestyle areas, including the home. Now more than ever, consumers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives when shopping for a new purchase, no matter how big or small.  According to The Nielsen Company, “more than half (64%) of U.S. households buy sustainable products, up four percentage points from a year ago.” Fortunately, there are a few modern options for decorative beams and architectural accents that look just as good as real wood while reducing your carbon footprint.


Choose HDF Products


One great way to take advantage of natural wood looks is with the help of HDF wood products. HDF is actually a man-made high-density polyurethane foam material that has the ability to perfectly replicate natural wood molds so the beams look just like real wood. In many cases, HDF is also textured and finished to imitate your favorite wood species like cherry, oak and more. HDF is a more eco-friendly alternative because trees are not being cut down, hence not requiring the long term growth cycle of a new tree to produce. It can take 65 years for some parts of a forest to grow back, but can take up to 4000 years for it to gain many of its full qualities again, including the rehabitation of native animals, according to a study that centered on the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.


Choose Durable Finishes


When it comes time to install new architectural products in your home, you should also be sure that you are finishing the job with stains and paints that will last a lifetime. Stains provide a protective layer that ensures that the beams will hold up in the weather if they are used outdoors. This way you won’t have to refinish your beams yearly, and you can cut even more harmful waste from your home.


Choose Locally Made Products


Volterra’s products are manufactured in the USA, further benefiting the environment. The closer to the buyer an item is produced, the more sustainably beneficial it is, as the cost and emissions produced to ship and transport the item is greatly reduced. This also supports the local economy through job creation and finances for local residents instead of cheaper, but more environmentally taxing, overseas manufacturing and production. Volterra is proud to offer a wide selection of architectural products. Our HDF and faux wood products are extremely durable and come with a professional finish so all you have to do is install them and keep them clean. Visit us online to see our full catalog and start placing your order today!