How to Install Rift White Oak Ceiling Beams From Volterra

Ceiling beams are often an overlooked aspect of interior design, but they can make an impactful statement, transforming any room into an extraordinary space. If you’ve ever wondered how to upgrade your family room, living room, kitchen, or even commercial space like a restaurant, real wood ceiling beams could be the answer. This blog will guide you through the meticulous process of installing Rift White Oak ceiling beams from Volterra Architectural Products, industry leaders in manufacturing both faux and real wood beams for over two decades.

Why Choose Rift White Oak Beams

Rift White Oak is a luxurious choice for ceiling beams, known for its traditional tight graining that gives off an aesthetic blend of elegance and rugged charm. What sets these beams apart is the variety in their appearance — aside from the tight, straight grains, you may also find burl wood for added character. The selection process begins with choosing the right type of wood, and for those who appreciate the uniqueness of natural wood, Rift White Oak is an excellent choice.

light wood beams in an indoor pool area

Pre-Installation Planning and Layout

Before you dive into the actual installation, planning the layout is crucial. This involves chalk-lining your ceiling to guide the placement of the beams. Remember, White Oak only comes in lengths of up to 12 feet. If your room demands longer beams, they will come with seams. Expert craftsmen recommend flipping the seams around to make them less noticeable, ensuring a seamless look.

The Importance of Cleats and Anchors

An essential part of the installation process involves securing cleats to your ceiling, into which the beams will be fitted. Pilot holes are drilled at two-foot intervals along these cleats, followed by the installation of drywall anchors. These anchors not only provide support but also have a 70-pound pull strength, making them reliable for holding even heavier beams. The cleats are then bonded with adhesive for extra protection, ensuring a strong hold that will last.

An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams installed in a family room.



Measuring and Cutting the Beams

Once the cleats are securely in place, the beams need to be measured and cut. This step is crucial as the drywall usually flares, meaning the bottom of the beam will be slightly longer than the top. Expert craftsmen recommend adding a quarter inch or so to accommodate this. To ensure a clean cut without chipping the White Oak, you can use blue painter’s tape. Press the tape firmly onto the cutting area and make your cut through the tape, resulting in a clean and precise edge.

Versatility in Application

Rift White Oak ceiling beams are not just for residential applications. Many interior designers and industry professionals are increasingly using real wood beams for commercial spaces like restaurants and hospitality venues. The beauty and durability of these beams add a touch of luxury, making any space stand out.

Installing Rift White Oak ceiling beams can make a world of difference in transforming your space. Whether it’s your home or a commercial area, these beams offer both aesthetic and structural advantages. So why settle for ordinary when you can make your space extraordinary with Volterra’s real wood beams? Browse our extensive catalog for a variety of options and get ready to elevate your interior design game.

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