Flooring and Ceiling Ideas For Your Rooms

Ceilings Whether you consciously realize it or not, when a person enters a room it is nearly automatic for their eyes  to look down at the floor, then up at the ceiling.  If you want a good way to spruce a room up, here are a few options: – Wood Planks:  Wood planks can add depth, luxury – even design depending on the textural elements you choose to use.  Wood planks come in all kinds  of plank sizes, colors, and styles. – Beams:  Another option that is both decorative and practical are faux wood beams.  These are U shaped with removable sides that not only add an extra architectural design to a room but they also “hide” elements of a room you don’t want people to see, such as pipes, wires, sprinkler heads, etc. – Moulding:  Whether you want to place moulding on your ceilings to connect rooms or you just want to create a more comfortable and complete space, decorative mouldings add an extra visual to the look of the ceiling.


If you walk into a room with just flooring, and nothing else, it can still look pretty bland.  What ways can you use moulding to add to the frame of your floors? – Baseboard Moulding:  One idea to spice things up a little bit is to add baseboard moulding to the edges of your floors and lower walls.  Baseboard moulding is essentially the “trim” to your floor. Baseboard moulding comes in several different sizes, as well as designs and profiles from simple to more complex. – Floor Moulding:   Floor moulding (sometimes called “quarter round” or “shoe moulding” goes between the floor and the wall and has a quarter moon shape to fit right into the crevice between the two.  To make an even bolder look you can use floor moulding in conjunction with baseboard moulding to create a totally different look for your floors. For more information about floors visit Volterra Architectural Products to view our catalog or call 602-258-7373.]]>