From Residential to Commercial: The Many Uses of Volterra’s Architectural Products

At Volterra Architectural Products, we specialize in creating innovative and versatile solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Our foam faux beams, fake wooden beams, and foam beams are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any environment. Whether you’re renovating a cozy home or outfitting a grand commercial space, our products offer the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Here’s a closer look at how our architectural products can be utilized in various settings.

living room with faux beams

Adding Rustic Charm to Homes

For homeowners looking to infuse their interiors with a touch of rustic charm, our Rustic faux wood beams are an ideal choice. Made from high-density polyurethane foam, these beams are lightweight, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance. Available in a realistic weathered texture and finishes such as pecan stain or primed, they bring the beauty of old-world style to any room without the high cost and upkeep of real wood.

Enhancing Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces, from restaurants to retail stores, benefit greatly from the aesthetic enhancements provided by our foam beams. These beams can create a warm, inviting atmosphere that appeals to customers and clients. Their lightweight nature means they can be installed quickly, minimizing downtime and disruption. Additionally, their durability ensures they maintain their appearance even in high-traffic areas.

commercial entertainment lounge
modern office space

Transforming Office Environments

Incorporating architectural elements like fake wooden beams into office spaces can significantly improve the working environment. These beams can be used to delineate different areas, add visual interest, and create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere for employees. The versatility of Volterra’s products allows for customization to match the office’s overall design theme.

Outdoor Applications

Our architectural products are not limited to indoor use. The durability and weather resistance of our foam faux beams makes them suitable for outdoor applications as well. They can be used to enhance patios, pergolas, and other outdoor structures, adding a touch of sophistication and style that withstands the elements.

outdoor faux beams
kitchen with faux beams

Cost-Effective Renovations

One of the standout benefits of using Volterra’s foam beams is their cost-effectiveness. Real wood beams can be expensive and labor-intensive to install and maintain. In contrast, our high-density polyurethane beams offer a more affordable solution without compromising on appearance or quality. This makes them an excellent choice for both large-scale commercial projects and smaller residential renovations.

Versatility and Beauty with Volterra’s Architectural Products

From residential homes to commercial buildings, Volterra Architectural Products provides versatile and beautiful solutions that enhance any space. Our foam faux beams, fake wooden beams, and foam beams offer the perfect combination of style, durability, and affordability. Whether you’re looking to add rustic charm to your home, create an inviting commercial space, or undertake a cost-effective renovation, our products are designed to meet your needs. Explore our range of architectural products and discover how Volterra can transform your spaces. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.