Decorative Fireplaces Mantels in the Modern Age

Decorative fireplace mantels get the job done by giving fireplaces the frameworks necessary to emphasize them as cornerstones of the living room.

Mantels used to be installed on fireplaces to catch smoke and prevent it from seeping into the rest of the room. Though this has been fixed through other means, the mantel is still the necessary sort of outline that provides the distinction and definition the fireplace needs to stand out from everything else. A fire cannot be a roaring, romantic phenomenon if it appears to just be burning within a hole in the wall. The fireplace is so much more than that. A mantel promotes it to a domain that is host to one of nature’s most remarkable events.

While mantels were traditionally built into the structure with the rest of the fireplace, a fireplace without a mantel does not require an extensive makeover. Many mantels made from faux wood can be easily installed onto the fireplace without a lot of hassle. These faux pieces mimic mantels made from authentic wood, mirroring their every mark and crevice so as to provide the illusion of real lumber. This creates the kind of soothing, enchanting atmosphere that raises the significance of the fire burning within its confines. No longer will it appear as if a hole in the wall caught ablaze—this kind of framework gives the fire character and boldness.

Volterra Architectural Products manufactures fireplace mantels that embody the same traits of real wood, all the way down to the tiniest of details. Customers can select a mantel of various textures and colors that will best suit their vision of a fireplace they can take pride in. The rosy brown of Mahogany is a romantic shade, while the orange and brown of the Oak color is robust. The Doug Fir is smooth and sleek to the touch, and the Hand Hewn is bumpy and hilly, just as if it were created like real lumber that is created with the hand hewn method.

Volterra Architectural Products can help you provide your clients with the exact kind of fireplace mantel they desire.]]>