The Hottest Paneling Trends in 2020

It’s 2020, and paneling is still trending in its own special way. Of course, many people cringe at the thought of the old school paneling that was common in the 70’s and 80’s, but now we are seeing a resurgence of paneling that is taking on another dimension. If you’re considering paneling for your home, here are a few trends to consider. 


Narrow Textured Panels


Instead of wide, evenly spaced panels that are made to look like various types of wood, modern paneling is a bit more intricate. With thin slats placed close together at varying depths, we are starting to see paneling that gives a wall real texture, rather than just the look of texture. This is great for an accent wall or a space with creative lighting that really makes the lines pop. 


Horizontal Paneling


For the most part, paneling has been used vertically as long as we can remember. Today, we are starting to see more paneling options that look good in a horizontal installation, similar to slatted siding. Some of these panels give off a recycled barn wood feel, but there are plenty of other styles that look great when installed this way as well. We are seeing these used on the lower half of bathroom walls or as the backdrop for a long wall in a room. This is a great understated way to add visual appeal to an otherwise ordinary wall or room in your home.


Color Variety


The real downfall of old style paneling was that it all pretty much looked the same. There was very little color variation between the paneling that was available, so every house on the block had the exact same look. Fortunately, today’s paneling has taken some cues from real wood, and it is starting to look more authentic. You can now find paneling that comes in light greys, blond woods, dark woods, and more. In addition, the ring patterns are more authentic as well, and serve as a good variation from the bland paneling of the past. 


With all of these new developments in the world of paneling, it’s no surprise that more people are considering paneling for their homes today, whether indoor or out. Volterra Architectural Products is home to many wood trim products that can enhance the look of your home in no time, in many different colors and styles. For more information, contact us today.