The Advantages of Installing Faux Wood Shutters

Posted By Volterra Jul 01, 2020

Our last couple of blogs have been all about faux wood shutters, and for good reason. Faux wood shutters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Why? Because they offer incredible benefits and are a great way to boost the appearance of your home’s exterior and it’s overall curb appeal. 

At Volterra Architectural Products, we have a wide selection of faux wood beams that can be painted or stained to match the architecture and style of your home. Rather than paying an arm and a leg to outfit your home exterior with real wood shutters, consider the benefits of installing faux wood shutters.

They are easy to install 

While real wood shutters look great, they can be extremely heavy, which makes them challenging to install. Because faux wood shutters are made with a high-density, lightweight polyurethane foam material, you can lift and mount them with ease. This means that almost any homeowner or do-it-yourselfer can easily install faux wood shutters, regardless of their size or the height at which they need to be mounted.

They look like real wood

If you’re set on the look of natural wood shutters, but not set on the cost and hassle of installation and maintenance, faux wood shutters are the perfect solution for your wants and needs. The best faux wood shutters are manufactured to replicate the original external appearance of wood, right down to the graining, knotting, and even the wormholes. Unless up close or touch these shutters, it’s challenging for anyone to realize they are not real wood.

They are available in a variety of styles

One of the many great things about faux wood shutters is that they can be manufactured in many of the popular styles discussed above. If your heart is set on a specific shutter style, chances are you can find that same style with faux wood shutters.

They are incredibly durable 

Real wood shutters typically receive treatment to protect them from the elements they’ll be exposed to during a typical lifetime of use, but that doesn’t mean that they will hold up over time. Faux wood shutters aren’t just stronger than real wood shutters — they’re also more durable due to their composite materials.

They are resistant to warping, fading and cracking

Real wood is vulnerable to cracking, fading and warping— thanks to the elements they are exposed to, they typically will show signs of wear and tear after just a few years post-installation. Faux wood shutters, on the other hand, are naturally more resistant to fading due to the material they are manufactured with. You can expect both the beauty and lifespan of faux wood shutters to be prolonged.

They are cost-effective 

Installing real wood shutters to the exterior home will not come cheap. The cost of natural wood products seems to get higher and higher. When compared to their authentic counterpart, faux wood shutters are significantly more cost-effective. And, because they are easy to install and require little maintenance, you can save tons of money over time.


With these benefits, it’s clear that faux wood shutters are one of the best options for the exterior of your home. If you are interested in getting faux wood shutters for your home, get started by checking out our collection of faux wood shutters.