The Appeal of Customizable Crown Moulding

Posted By Volterra Feb 19, 2019

custom crown mouldingCustomized crown moulding is a big dream for many homeowners. The fact is that while crown moulding does give a distinguished look to any room, it is all too obvious when cheap moulding from the local hardware store is used. By working with a professional millwork company, you can take advantage of many different kinds of customizable crown moulding instead.

More Styles Available

Most hardware stores only have a few options when it comes to crown moulding styles. If you want something that matches a particular piece of furniture or design, you will have to find a specialist to get the job done. Specialty millwork shops offer dozens more styles, and allow you to customize individual aspects of the design to fit your needs.

Better Sizing

Another problem with regular crown moulding is that it only comes in a couple of standard sizes and angles. If you are looking for something with more layers or more depth, you won’t be able to find it at your neighborhood store. Instead, you will need to look into customizable options that can be adjusted to fit your home or design ideas.

Problem Solving

Every house has a weirdly-shaped closet or other nook that poses a problem when it comes to the crown moulding. When you choose customizable crown moulding, it becomes a lot easier to find a corner piece or some other unique solution to your problem so you can achieve a flawless finish. For more information about customizable crown moulding in a huge range of styles for your home, visit Volterra’s online catalog and explore our range of unique cuts and styles to fit any home concept today.