White River moulding is in a class of its own, raising the bar for elegant interior design and remodeling.

Different Moulding Options

Whether along floors, walls, ceilings, doors or windows, the universal effect of White River moulding is an unprecedented aura of sophistication and class. The designs within these trims are of a baroque nature. The cornice mouldings, for example, are lined with leafy patterns and circular arrangements, such as on the Large Acanthus Leaf and Tongue and the Egg & Dart with Dentil. White River also offers panel moulding that is equally elegant. The Small Beads trim is a pattern of circular fixtures, like beads, fit tightly next to one another. The Running Leaf also has ornate leafy creations leaning against one another in succession.

Scrolls, Spirals and Other Classically Inspired Architecture

The frieze mouldings include the elaborate Rinceau Scrolls, a swirling leaf that curls into itself like a spiral, and the Scrolled Palmette, which is several fan-shaped leaves next to one another. These frieze trim components are perfect for completing the effect of any classically-inspired architecture that is present within a home. They complete the look with designs that have been done in the same spirit as pillars and columns.

Find the Perfect Balance

White River’s prestigious line of trims fits all basic moulding needs, such as crown, base, panel and more. These structures find the perfect balance between dramatic and subtle, enhancing a room’s ambiance with ethereal tones. Volterra’s inventory makes access to these trims in Arizona easier than ever. For more information about White River moulding, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.