The Secret to Perfect Exposed Trusses

Posted By Volterra Mar 27, 2020

The exposed truss look is coming back into style, or maybe it never left. However, getting the look you want is about more than just opening up your ceiling. In truth, most exposed trusses are actually decorative elements that have been added after the fact to imitate an open look without leaving all the messy plumbing and electrical work exposed. 


Choosing Trusses


Before you can install exposed trusses in your home, you first have to select the type of trusses you would like to use. Architectural trusses that are meant to be load bearing are very costly and heavy, and aren’t the kind of thing you want for this job. Instead, you want to look for faux wood box beams that are made to look like trusses without all the weight and heavy duty hardware. These beams are made of special HDF material that is durable, but is much lighter weight and easier to work with than real wood.  In addition, these beams can be finished in just about any color and style to match the rest of the trim in your home.


Installing Exposed Trusses


Once you’ve selected and ordered your new trusses, it’s time to plan for installation. It is recommended that a licensed contractor is used to install faux wood trusses.  They will start by mounting a regular 2×4 securely to your ceiling. The U-shaped design makes it simple to slip the faux wood truss over the anchoring board and screw it directly into the board. Since the HDF material is lightweight, the 2×4 anchor is strong enough for support, and it will seam nicely with your ceiling. This job is so easy that it usually only takes two to three people and no heavy machinery to lift the beams into place. In addition, the HDF is easy to cut and trim without the need for specialized tools, so you can ensure that any joints are perfectly matched without gaps. 



After getting your exposed trusses in place, you’ll be ready to show off the updated space to your family and friends. If you’ve always thought that exposed trusses were too costly or difficult to have in your home, faux wood beams are the way to go. You can see a full selection of beam sizes, colors and styles at Volterra. We specialize in customized wood products that are perfect for your next big project. Contact us today or visit our gallery to see more.