The Wonders of Engineered Wood Ceiling Planks

Posted By Volterra Dec 21, 2016

interior design. What’s even better are when these changes perform a valuable function – in addition to an upgrade in style.

HDF Wood Ceiling Planks Correct Mistakes

Faux wood – also called high-density fiberboard – ceiling planks are just the addition that your ceiling needs. They are tailor-made to improve cosmetic issues that might have arisen during construction.  They are commonly used to hide unsightly exposed electrical lines and plumbing or to level an uneven ceiling. The first step is choosing the right planks, while taking full advantage of the aesthetic benefits. If there’s one thing you might notice is the warm elegance of an upscale office interior, as opposed to  many commercial businesses, is the enhanced sense of décor that a engineered HDF wood paneled ceiling confers.

Acoustic Benefits

As for the functional aspect of wood ceiling planks, they perform wonders when blocking ambient noise. The ability of real wood to block out noise translates to the even more durable HDF (high density polyurethane foam) faux wood variant. By both deflecting and reflecting the sounds that emanate from a room, they keep conversation between the intended people, and create a quiet work space. Although there are other options for acoustic effects – such as foam – nothing is as visually impressive as faux wood paneling. The obvious strength and durability advantages of HDF is another consideration, as well as the ease with which it can be made to match the rest of your interior décor.  The material is impervious to moisture, wicking and insect damage making it more durable than regular wood. Many homeowners have raved about the wonders of HDF faux wood ceiling planks. They are also some of the most requested products from Volterra. To learn more about wood ceiling planks or to find plenty of home improvement options visit Volterra Architectural Products or reach us as 602-258-7373.