accent mouldings today! There is nothing that gives a room more warmth and welcome feeling than well-dressed walls. Many of today’s homes look blank and lack atmosphere, because the walls are glaringly plain and have no form of decor.  By using panel mouldings, you can change the aesthetics and general appeal of rooms, while adding eye-catching elegance to your home. Panel mouldings are extremely effective because they are light, easy to install, and can be customized to almost any degree. Here are 3 clever ways you can use panel mouldings to change the atmosphere in your home:

1. Create a home art gallery

If you are passionate about art and want to use paintings and other works of art to express yourself, panel mouldings are the best way to create a mini gallery at home. A clever way to accomplish this is by making a large outer wall frame using strips of panel mouldings and creating individual frames for each piece. Arranging the artwork inside the frame intricately and the results will be eye-catching.

2. Create a tufted wall

Tufted walls are a good way to add elegance to your decor. Tufted walls become a focal point in any space. Panel mouldings can be used to further accentuate the tufted walls when used as border frames. Tufted walls are especially cozy for bedrooms. Use them as a background for your bed or headboard and your bedroom will be forever transformed.

3. Make a statement with raised panels

Raised panels are a good way of making a statement in dining and living rooms, because they easily become focal points. They completely can transform a space and add much needed luxury. With these three ideas and panel mouldings from Volterra Architectural Products, you can be on your way to a more elegant home within a few short hours. Visit us online or call for more information at 602-258-7373.