Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry

Posted By Volterra Mar 08, 2019

kitchen cabinetThe kitchen is likely the busiest room of your home, and when it comes to buying or selling, the kitchen is the area that makes the biggest impression. For 2019, we are starting to see some great kitchen cabinetry trends taking shape already, many of which you will want to get on board with for a modern looking kitchen.

More Colors

Long gone are the days of plain colored kitchen cabinets. Today we are seeing more boldness with designers adding bright hues of blue, red and yellow to kitchen spaces. This makes the kitchen look more inviting and playful, a place to whip up delightful dishes of any kind. In addition, we are starting to see colors layered together in complex patterns rather than a single uniform color throughout.

Clean and Open

Along with the colorful twist, we are also loving the clean and open designs being used today. This includes open shelving in some parts of the kitchen, often with a bold backdrop. Instead of overly ornamented cabinet doors, we are seeing a shift toward flat doors with simple handles that are easier to keep clean and clear. The focus of the kitchen is now on community and gathering over pure luxury. With these new trends making their way into kitchens everywhere, now is the time to start dreaming up your new kitchen. With Volterra’s help, you can design a gorgeous kitchen that suits your family and home decor in no time. Visit us online to see all the ways we are helping create beautiful homes today.