Turn Your Guest Bedroom Into a Beautiful Escape

Posted By Volterra Feb 13, 2020

A guest bedroom is the perfect place to try your hand at some creative DIY projects and decor themes that you like. There are many ways that you can turn your guest bedroom into a beautiful retreat that will impress your guests. We’ve put together some ideas to help you get started and plan your room. With Volterra, you can transform your room in no time, and ensure that your guests have a cozy place to retreat to after a long day. 


Add a Wood Plank Surround


Wood planks, sometimes called “shiplap” or “T and G”, make a beautiful backdrop or replacement for a headboard. They are easy to install and they come in a wide range of colors and textures. You can even mix and match the colors to give them a weathered look. This is perfect if you want a rustic look, or if you want the more modern look of reclaimed wood without all the trouble of sourcing the materials and refinishing them on your own. If you already have a headboard, you can use the planks on either side to create a surround that will frame the bed perfectly. 


Create Your Own Entertainment Center


Entertainment centers are bulky and expensive, but you can create the same look with faux wood beams. Choose a wall where you want your TV to go. Then, add a faux wood mantle with hidden or exposed brackets. You can put artwork or flowers on the mantle, or you can leave the space open to hold a TV. If you’re comfortable with tools, you can also mount your TV directly on the wall above the mantle, giving it a recessed look that is sleek and clean. Use panel moulding or small sections of trim to frame out the area around your TV and beneath your mantle. You can make it look like a traditional fireplace, or you can think outside the box and create any design you like. Add contrasting colors or patterned wallpaper to the mix to really make it pop.


Faux wood beams and wood planks are a great way to transform any room. They are easy to work with and they are extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about them getting dinged up. To see more ideas for your guest bedroom, visit Volterra online and check out our complete gallery. We have tons of wood products that are ideal for DIY projects and creating your own unique guest room.