Unique Interior Trim Ideas for Any Home

Posted By Volterra May 18, 2018

Stepped Moulding Nearly everyone has started adding crown moulding to their homes to create a premium touch. Stepped moulding goes one step further by combining multiple trim styles in a layered fashion along the ceiling and wall crease. This layered effect can be very striking, but can also be used to hide flaws along the ceiling and walls by covering a wider swath of the space.


Natural wood looking trusses are great way to add rustic beauty to any home. These exposed beams can be added to any great room with high ceilings, breaking up the space and adding visual intrigue. There are many different truss styles and wood textures that range from very decorative to plain and simple.

Window Casings

If you’ve gone to the trouble of adding crown moulding in your home, you should definitely consider adding interior window casing trim to finish the look. Window casings make your windows look more like framed pictures and can include many decorative elements along the header to open the space up even further.

Wall Decor

Whether you’re thinking of a simple chair rail or something more complex, wall trim options are nearly limitless. One of today’s most popular trends includes creating shadowboxes on the upper half of the wall, rather than decorating the bottom half. This is a modern twist on an old favorite and definitely adds some flair. With these unique interior trim ideas, you can transform your home to fit your aesthetic. These custom ideas go a step beyond the standard trim options you will find in a tract home. Volterra Architectural Products can help you add fine trim details to your home with our catalog of faux wood beams, trusses and trim options. Contact us today at 602-253-7373 to learn more about the best trim products for your home.