Use Faux Wood Trim as Window and Door Highlights

Posted By Volterra Oct 13, 2015

faux wood trim is an easy, affordable enhancement for any home. With more affordable, faux wood trim from Volterra, homeowners have a chance to explore its many versatile uses. Faux wood trim is a durable alternative to natural wood to trim out exterior windows. They camouflage any unfinished edges that join the window to the stucco or panel surface of a home and beautifully frame picture windows. Faux wood trim can be put to good use acting as a highlight around doors. Windows are given a classic look when outlined with a double set (two varying widths or designs). Layering multiple profiles also adds depth when framing out entranceways. And, because Volterra’s faux wood trim is virtually maintenance free, there is no need to sand and re-paint like with natural wood that has been exposed to the elements. There are so many benefits to using faux wood trim from Volterra. Our HDF (High Density Foam) mouldings and other products don’t absorb water or become infested with insects like real wood can. And, it won’t rot, warp, or split. But, the best part about our faux wood trim is that it looks, feels and acts like wood but doesn’t cost as much, so you can take advantage of the savings and really play it up in various ways in and around your home.