Using Decorative Corbels in Your Kitchen

Posted By Volterra Sep 23, 2016

décor or to organize your kitchen tools. Or, use a corbel to cover up areas that would, otherwise, be unsightly. A drawer or spice cupboard looks like an antiqued treasure. A blemish on the wall becomes an architectural jewel. With a little bit of imagination, corbels can make your kitchen into an extravagant beauty. Volterra carries corbels in sizes that will fit any use in your house. Available in Doug Fir, Smooth, and Rough Sawn, you are sure to find a decorative corbel that will fit into the look and ambience of your kitchen. For more information about Decorative Corbel options through Volterra or to select from our large variety other interior decorating products to enable you to easily renovate your home, visit Volterra Architectural Products or call us at (602) 258-7373.