Using Faux Wood Exposed Trusses in Your Home

Posted By Volterra May 15, 2019

exposed trussesExposed trusses can drastically change the appearance of any room by drawing the eye upward, adding a pop of color depth, and even changing the way light falls through your room. While most homes do not come with naturally beautiful trusses, you can easily add some to your large rooms with the help of faux wood.

Selecting a Style

As you shop for faux wood trusses, you will find that there are several common designs ranging from very simple to very complex. The more complex the design, the more hardware is involved and the heavier the beams will be. In general, complex designs are best reserved for very formal rooms with vaulted ceilings, similar to a cathedral, because the extra complexity can make a smaller room feel crowded. On the other hand, there are some very plain options which are ideal for creating a farmhouse aesthetic.

Choosing a Color

The next thing you need to do is select a color for your exposed trusses. If you want your trusses to blend seamlessly into the rest of your room, you need to choose a wood grain pattern and color that matches the rest of the woodwork in your home. You can find anything from dark walnuts to light blondes and ashes. Exposed trusses are a beautiful addition to any oversized room, and they can be easily installed thanks to faux wood products. Shop Volterra online today to see our full selection of truss patterns and colors.