Using Moulding to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Posted By Volterra Mar 12, 2019

crown mouldingIf you’re tired of your cramped, stuffy rooms, it may be time to look at design solutions that can make the space feel bigger. The good news is that the simple addition of fresh moulding can drastically change the appearance of your room and give you more space to breathe. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Adding Crown Moulding

The simplest step to take is adding crown moulding around the ceiling of your room. By doing so, you are drawing the eye up and away from the walls. For small rooms, it is typically better to choose a simple and straightforward moulding design that isn’t too overwhelming, making sure that it is no wider than four inches to avoid overshadowing the space.

Painting Your Moulding

For rooms that already have moulding in place, the next step is to choose colors for your trim. Painting your moulding a lighter color than your wall, or even matching the trim to the ceiling color will add depth to your room and give the illusion of pushing the walls further out. This is because the lighter trim extends the ceiling visually and makes it look taller. Plain white trim over darker walls looks great and achieves the desired effect. Using moulding to make your room look larger is just one simple way to make the most of your space. By thinking carefully about the design and color of your trim, you can create the illusion that your space is wider, taller, and more generous. For more information on trim options and installation, visit Volterra’s online gallery today.

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