Today, it is common to find architects designing more and more custom homes with multi-pitched roofs, resulting in beautiful vaulted ceilings on the inside. Vaulted ceilings can make a home’s interior feel brighter, airier, and bigger. Vaulted ceiling architectural features often are accompanied by interior ridge and rafter beams. Vaulted ceilings expose, enhance, and emphasize these beams, adding an ample amount of character and charm to the space.

While it may look appealing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, installing real wood ridge and rafter beams can be expensive. Luckily, Volterra Architectural Products offers a cost-effective solution. As a leading manufacturer of faux wood beams and other architectural products, you can find a variety of faux ridge beams and rafter beams to complement the look of the vaulted or pitched ceilings in your home. 


Reasons to Use Volterra’s Faux Vaulted Ceiling Ridge Beams and Rafter Beams

Nothing can complete the look of an open vaulted ceiling quite like a ridge and rafter beam system. The look of exposed beams made from dark, rich, natural wood is certainly a way to add character through the ceiling. Volterra’s ridge and rafter beams are designed and manufactured to perfectly suit environments with vaulted ceilings. Rather than opting for real wood beams, consider the benefits that faux ridge beams and rafter beams from Volterra offer.


Seamless Ordering

One of the biggest challenges around ordering interior wood beams for your home is determining the size requirements of the space you are interested in installing them in. Volterra’s selection of ridge and rafter beam products online features a calculator that makes it easy to figure out the right beam size, length, and width based on the specifications and requirements of the room or space you are interested in installing them in. With this new-to-the-industry tool, you can ensure that you are ordering the right beams for your space without the need for exhaustive measuring and calculating. 


Replicate Real Wood Textures

As you probably already know, faux wood beams look identical to the dark and rich natural wood beams that have such an expensive price tag connected to them. Volterra’s faux wood ridge and rafter beams come in a variety of different textures and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect style for your space. Some of the different styles available to choose from include:

  • Doug Fir – One of the world’s best-known and most widely used wood specified, especially in home architectural design. This wood has a distinct grain pattern and can enhance the appeal of any room.

  • Sand Blast – The distinct texture of sandblasted wood adds a bold finishing touch to any space in a home. This style can bring a wonderful amount of eye-catching detail and charm to any home.

  • Hand-Hewn – The ideal choice for a hand-cut, old-world look. Hand-hewn wood beams bring a beautiful, natural ambiance into a home and easily add rustic charm to the space they are installed.

  • Rough Sawn – This style brings the appearance of freshly milled wood, imitating the coarse texture created by the large saw blade used. Great for complimenting rustic decor and creating an overall cozy atmosphere in your home.

  • Tuscany – Tuscany style ridge beams evoke the rich detail of Old World style ceiling design for a fraction of the price. These beams have a hand-distressed, authentic rustic wood appearance. 


Different Systems Available

Depending on the length, width, and pitch of your vaulted ceiling, you may need different sized rafter beams. With traditionally vaulted ceilings, typically one ridge is installed with rafter beams on each side. However, some homes are designed where ceiling drywall lengths are not the same on each side of the pitch, therefore requiring two different ridge lengths. Fortunately, Volterra’s selection of rafter and ridge beam systems are available with either one or two rafter lengths. If your space would require two different rafter lengths, Volterra’s Ridge and Rafter Calculator will make it easy to quickly determine the length and size of faux wood rafter beams you need. 



Of course, it pretty much goes without saying that choosing faux wood ridge and rafter beams are going to be much easier on the wallet than real wood be. When you consider the cost of the product paired with the labor and installation costs, choosing faux wood beams is a no brainer, especially since you aren’t able to distinguish the difference between real and faux wood beams if you aren’t closely examining or touching them. Aside from the weight, cost, and structural support, faux wood beams are hard to distinguish from real ones. Lastly, when you consider the deterioration of natural wood, faux wood beams provide more bang for your buck as they are long-lasting and don’t require the maintenance that natural wood does.


For Interior or Exterior Use

Another reason why Volterra’s selection of ridge and rafter beams is superior is that hey can be made for both interior and exterior use. Whether you are planning on adding these faux wood beams to your kitchen or your outdoor living space, Volterra’s beams can be manufactured to meet your exact design needs and specifications.


Order Faux Wood Ridge and Rafter Beams Today!

If you have a multi-pitch roof and vaulted ceilings inside of your home, Volterra’s ridge and rafter beams are a great way to enhance any room or space. And with the Ridge and Rafter Calculator, finding and ordering the exact beams you need has never been easier! To shop Volterra’s collection of ridge and rafter beams, click here. For more information, contact Volterra Architectural Products today!