What are High Density Foam Products?

Posted By Volterra Sep 10, 2018

HDF Wood Beam Products One of the most common types of high density foam products is wood beams. HDF wood beams are made specifically for decorative purposes, and easily replicate the look of sturdy ceiling beams or trusses at only a fraction of the weight. They are extremely easy to install and secure without fear of damaging the ceiling structure.  

HDF Outdoor Planks

High density foam products are also ideal for use outside because they are not subject to rotting or breaking down like real wood. As such, you will see these products in spaces such as the ceilings of covered patio spaces. The finish on HDF planks is baked on at the time of manufacture, so they can stand the test of time even under bright sunshine or extreme weather.   Volterra Architectural Products carries a wide range of high density foam products for your home’s interior and exterior. From your window trim to your floor boards, high density foam is a perfect solution that is both durable and easy to work with. Visit Volterra’s online gallery to see more of these products in action.