What Are the Advantages of Baseboard Moulding

Posted By Volterra Jan 15, 2019

baseboard moldingYou probably haven’t given much thought to the baseboards that run throughout your home, but you should. Baseboard trim actually serves many purposes to help keep your home in good condition and give things a beautiful finished look. Here are a few of the benefits you might not have considered.

Seals the Joint between Wall and Floor

The primary purpose of baseboards is to cover the joint between your walls and floor. This joint may be a bit unsightly on its own, but more importantly, the baseboards keep water from running under your drywall and flooring, causing mold. In addition, baseboards keep insects and other pests from finding easy entry in that space. With the baseboards in place, your room looks finished and pristine.

Leaves Room for Settling and Shifting

As your house ages, your floors and walls will eventually begin to settle. Likewise, during different seasons, moisture in the air may cause your floor boards and walls to expand or contract at different rates. During construction, your builder left a small gap between the floors and the walls to account for these changes. A baseboard is able to easily conceal that gap without getting in the way of the shifting pieces.

Protecting Your Paint

Finally, baseboard trim keeps your walls clean and scratch free by adding an extra hard layer of protection between the painted wall surface and your vacuum or broom. If you took the time to decorate your walls, you don’t want dark lines or deep scratches to ruin the look along the bottom edge. As you can see, there are many hidden benefits to having baseboard moulding in place throughout your home. While you may not think of these benefits on a day-to-day basis, you would surely notice them if your baseboards weren’t there to conceal the space beneath them. For more information about choosing the right baseboards for your home, contact Volterra today.