What Are the Pros of Decorative Trusses?

Posted By Volterra Feb 25, 2015

decorative trusses. Decorative trusses are exactly what they sound like, taking advantage of the truss’s complicated design and allowing all to see it.   The triangular design of the truss creates a big open space in the middle, allowing lots of room for imagination and creativity. This empty space is often filled by beams that interact with one another in some form. Some take on more simplistic approaches, standing side by side one another in ascending and descending size to accommodate for the triangular shape. Others are much more eccentric, cutting through each other and meeting odd ends of the truss’s interior. Some are of various lengths and don’t even meet the bottom of the truss, instead angling to the sides. Others still circle around in arches. A decorative truss foregoes any functional qualities for the sake of providing buyers and sellers with a unique mechanism that evokes beauty in complexity.   A truss constructed for decorative purposes exists to be seen out in the open for everyone to enjoy. As such, it happens to be a great space filler for ceilings. Vaulted ceilings leave lots of room for furnishing and decorating, but a truss instantly fills up the space in an easy manner. Their nuanced details are the stars of the show, worthy of admiration and a great boost of atmosphere.   These truss systems provide homeowners with endless opportunities for direction and creativity. For more information on the pros of decorative trusses, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.