What Are Wood Beams Used For?

Traditionally used for structural support, wood beams have become a beautiful architectural addition to homes all over the US. Natural wood beams can bring out the character of a home and improve the feel of kitchens, dining, rooms, living rooms, and any other space in your home. At Volterra, we create beautiful wood beams to add character to your home. Here are four architectural elements that natural wood beams can bring into your home. To see how wood beams can improve your home, check out our collections today!

Adding Age

For thousands of years, natural wood beams have been used to provide structural support for mess halls, pubs, castles, and homes among other things. Because of their rich history, wood beams bring a sense of age to any home they are integrated into. Whether natural wood beams spark images of Scottish castles, southern architecture, or a medieval pub, they will inspire thoughts of historical architecture that nothing else does.

They Add Detail

When vaulted or flat ceilings are plain, that space can feel empty and boring. This is the reason people hang things on the wall or install chandeliers. But, natural wood beams can add detail to a plain, boring ceiling that nothing else can. With several different wood options and finishes available, our wood beams will spice up any space that needs a touch of detail to pop. Check out our options today!

Create Distinction

Think about some of the favorite homes that you have visited in the past and the elements of that home that stood out to you. Odds are—if you’ve been to a home with wood beams—those wood beams on the ceiling stood out to you as something you would want to integrate into your own home. Natural wood beams create a distinction in any room they are integrated into and help your home to stand out among others.

Improve a Home’s Storyline

All of the improvements above can be integrated into one large topic—natural wood beams help your home to tell a story. A good story has the three things listed above. With age, detail, and distinction, natural wood beams convey something about you and your home that few architectural additives can. Whether they amplify beautiful countertops or make your cabinets pop, natural wood beams in your home help you space to tell a story and share memories—creating a space where meals are enjoyed, memories are made, and relationships are built. To see how natural wood beams can help your house feel more like a home, reach out to us today!

At Volterra, we help to create spaces that make for great memories, and natural wood beams add incredible detail and distinction to your home that nothing else can. From white oak to alder, we offer tons of incredible wood beam options to choose from. Check out our collection and order today!