What is a Faux Steel Beam Made Of?

A great option for your trusses, rafters and other construction features around your home are faux steel beams. Faux steel beams can add a brilliant look to your property while supporting the weight on your roof. But what are faux steel beams made of? In today’s blog from Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix, we’ll take a look at some materials used for faux steel beams and how they can impact the look of your home. Keep reading to learn more and contact us with any questions you may have!

Hardwood Designs

The faux steel beams in your home are made of a number of different materials. Probably the most common faux steel beam material is some type of hardwood. Whether it be oak, maple, or another wood species entirely, faux metal beams constructed from hardwoods can look truly amazing on many homes. The main downside to using these types of faux steel beams is that they can be a bit more expensive than other faux steel beams made from different materials.

I beam images in an industrial beach house


If you’re looking for faux steel beams that are a bit less expensive, faux urethane faux steel beams may be the best option. Many people don’t realize it but there are actually many types of urethanes available on the market today. Polyurethane can vary from material to material and faux metal beams made from polyurethane can vary from faux steel beams made of hardwood.


Acrylic faux steel beams are also an option for faux metal beams in many homes. Acrylic faux beam materials have a nice solid feel to them and they hold up well over time, which is why most people choose these types of faux steel beams for their construction needs. They are a bit less expensive than faux steel beams made from hardwood but they can be more costly when compared to faux urethane faux metal beams.

faux steel i beam

What is the Best Material For Faux Steel Beams? 

That really depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in terms of end results. Each type of faux metal beam has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, which is why faux metal beams are so versatile. Whether you want faux steel beams made of hardwood, faux urethane, or acrylic to use on your home it’s important to remember they can all add a unique look and feel.

Faux steel beams are ideal for your construction plans. Whether you want to prepare a truss or rafters, you can use faux beams to add a distinct touch. Our experts at Volterra Architectural Products will be there to help you with whatever work plans you want to manage for your home.