What is Millwork?

Posted By Volterra Nov 18, 2015

millwork, each room would only be four walls – literally. So, what is millwork? Millwork 101 First, raw timber logs are cut into lumber in a sawmill. Then, after lumber has been through the sawmill and seasoned, it goes to the planing mill. At the planing mill, the wood is smoothed, cut, matched and fitted. The main machine, the planer and matcher, then dresses or finishes the wood and the resulting finished product is known as millwork. Simply stated, millwork, is defined as any element of wood working material that is commercially produced in a planing mill The Art Of Millwork There are many different saws and profile attachments used to cut, carve and mold the numerous architectural elements known as millwork. If you look around any home or building, you’ll find it everywhere. In addition to the actual lumber used to construct building frames, most of the detailed features of any space are created using different types of architectural millwork. These elements include the basic elements we take for granted, such as doorframes, window casings, crown mouldings, baseboards and floor mouldings. Included under the umbrella of millwork, though, are the more decorative wood workings, that can be cut and sculpted, such as chair rails, corbels, fireplace surrounds, scrollwork, columns, banisters, raised panels, mantels, plinth blocks, rosettes, and fretwork. It’s these creatively shaped pieces that give a room visual interest. Volterra stocks many types of decorative hardwood millwork, with matching flexible radius (urethane) moulding and trim. To learn more visit Volterra Architectural Products or call (602) 258-7373.