What Types of Wood Trusses Can You Use in Your Home?

The structural wood trusses in your home will support your roof’s frame. Your trusses are essential in shaping your roof while distributing its weight onto the exterior walls. It is easier to get trusses ready than if you used rafters, plus they cost less than rafters. But you might be curious if you can get the look of structural wood trusses with a decorative, non-functional option. Our experts at Volterra Architectural Products can help you explore some of the different faux wood truss styles that fit in with your home or corporate design style. Keep reading to learn more, and visit us online or in-store today!

King Post

The king post truss design is one of the oldest types still in use today. The king post features a single vertical post at its center, with rafters on either side to support your roof. They are commonly used for smaller structures like gazebos and porches, but you can also find them incorporated into larger homes or commercial buildings. Volterra’s king truss perfectly replicates this type of structural wood truss.

Queen Post

The queen post truss features two vertical posts on either side of the center. While they are typically used to support smaller structures like gazebos, porches, and arbors, you can also find them in larger homes or commercial buildings.


This type of truss is used to create a window or skylight in homes. The clerestory features rafters that span across the width of your roof, with support beams coming down from those rafters on both sides. These are commonly found along exterior walls and can be made taller for more headroom underneath them. Volterra’s Sawtooth truss resembles some clerestory trusses.

If you’re looking for a specific type of wood truss, visit our website to see 12 different truss options to choose from.  Our technical team at Volterra Architectural Products is also available to discuss custom trusses of most any style. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products or services and how they can meet your needs. Call or stop by our Phoenix location today!