Why Add Window Trim to A House?

Posted By Volterra Dec 11, 2017

highlighting windows as a picture perfect frame to the outside view.

Give the Exterior of Your Home a Formal Facelift

Adding trim around the exterior of a window can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home. Exterior window trim can be fairly basic and painted in a contrasting color or it can be layered and intricate. Whichever type of trim you decide to use on the exterior of your home will break up the long horizontal lines which tend to flow with brickwork or siding and add a vertical contrast.

Frame the Outdoors with Interior Window Trim

A layer of window trim around interior windows can create a focal point around the picturesque view from your living room. While some people choose an exotic, regal look by adding a large header, there is still plenty of drama to be gained with a simple trim that matches on all four sides. This process can take no more than a few minutes if you purchase the window trim pre-painted. The result is an updated, elegant look that looks like a million bucks. Whether you plan on selling your home in the near future or just want to renovate and give your home a more sophisticated look, window trim is the answer. This project can be applied throughout your home in less than a day when you purchase pre-finished trim options to fit your desired look. Volterra Architectural Products offers window trim in many different styles and colors so you can quickly dress up your windows inside and out. Don’t spend another day with dull, unfinished window frames. Contact us today at 602-258-7373