Why Choose Faux Wood Beams For Your Home?

The challenge of finding quality materials for your architectural needs can be frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be when you look at how well fake beams can work. Faux beams look like wood, but they are made with alternate materials. They often feature various textures  that look great on most surfaces. Our experts at Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix can show you how these beams can be incorporated into your space. Keep reading to learn more, and shop our faux wood beams online or in-store today!

Easy to Customize

One great thing about faux beams is their ability to be customized. There are many different colors and styles of faux wood, so you should have no problems finding something that will fit into your space. The faux wood panels offered at Volterra come in various sizes as well, allowing for more flexibility when creating the right design scheme for your home.

I beam images in an industrial beach house

Less Risk of Damage

When faux beams are installed, there is a low chance of damage. For example, faux beams can be placed over an existing beam that has been damaged or weakened by water and other elements. The faux wood products will not rot or warp like real wood does in the same conditions because they are made of high-density polyurethane foam to ensure their durability, even after several decades.

Handles Moisture Well

Faux beams are able to  handle moisture well. Moisture is a common issue when it comes to wood in the home or outside because water vapor can seep  into this material and causes damage over time. With faux beams, on the other hand, you won’t have any issues with warping or cracking due to exposure to humidity or extreme conditions. It’s easy to clean faux beams, too.

faux steel i beam

Consistent Color

When faux beams are installed, you can enjoy the original stained color throughout the life of the beam. Some faux woods have various colors and textures that give each beam its own unique look, but you will never see any discoloration of fading from direct sunlight exposure because faux wood is treated to prevent this. This faux wood is also resistant to pests that might damage your beams over time.

Faux beams are an excellent choice for any home. They provide the look of wood, but they’re easier to install and are more resistant to harsh conditions. You’ll love faux beams, and Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix has them for you at affordable prices. Shop faux wood beams online or in-store today!