Why Faux Wood Mantels?

Posted By Volterra Jul 17, 2015

faux wood mantels above the hearth, the fireplace starts to take shape, creating a more inviting space, with a focal point that draws people in. Wood mantelpieces have been the traditional choice, but they can be expensive, heavy, and difficult to install. Not only that, but real wood can warp, split, snag, and become a cozy home for unwanted, burrowing insects. Newer technology, like faux wood mantels, are a practical and ingenious solution to this decorating problem. Volterra’s faux wood mantels are made of high-density polyurethane foam and shaped and cast from natural wood. They’re molded with the same detail of real wood’s grain and texture so they look just like the real thing. Smooth, sandblasted, rough sawn or hand hewn, our faux wood mantels and beams can be made to simulate a variety of textures and grains. Volterra’s artificial wood products also come in wood stains that imitate natural timber; like dark and light walnut, deep espresso, mahogany, and oak to match any wood or faux wood flooring, mouldings or beams in the room. Faux wood mantels offer other advantages in addition to their light weight, affordability, and easy installation. Faux fireplace mantel shelves have a hollow interior making them a perfect location to surreptitiously run wiring for speakers or a wall mounted television or to hide recessed lighting.