Why Millwork is So Popular

Posted By Volterra Oct 09, 2017

Millwork in Architecture For hundreds of years, wood was hand carved to create unique pieces of furniture and the completely custom design of homes. With the creation of the saw mill, it became much easier for the average person to acquire quality wood pieces without needing to master the skill themselves. Today, many houses are built using a set of standardized plans where the finishing can be changed to suit the tastes of the builder or buyer.

Types of Millwork

The effects of the sawmill can be seen in nearly every room of our homes today. From the cabinetry in our kitchens and bathrooms to the baseboards in the living room. Ultimately, any wood product that can be commercially purchased and installed in your home with minimal alteration probably came from a mill. While there are dozens of styles of crown moulding available, they are all examples of  that can be cut to size and installed with ease. In addition, you will find that the price greatly varies. Some woods are naturally more expensive than others, and have different qualities such as hardness and color. Nearly any type of wood can be used in a mill, not to mention some faux wood composites that have the look and feel of wood without the expense. You should consider all of these factors as you shop for accents.

Choosing Your Millwork

If you are in the market for millwork for your home, it is best to find a reliable company to buy from first. You need a company that uses quality materials that have options to choose from. You should also consider the pricing and the manufacturer’s catalog, as different manufacturers excel in a particular style or wood type. Volterra Architectural Products offers affordable options in any style. Visit our online store today to see samples of all our products or call us at 602-258-7373.