Why Use a Decorative Truss Kit

Posted By Volterra Dec 12, 2019

truss kit

You’ve probably noticed that more and more builders are returning to a rustic look these days. One common element among houses old and new is the appreciation for decorative exposed trusses on the interior. Trusses add an interesting layer of texture to a room and help bring together the rustic look. You may have even considered adding decorative trusses to your own home at some point. If so, the truss kit is just the product you’ve been looking for. Here’s why.


Made to Fit


A decorative truss kit is the complete package. This means that all of the components in sizes that accommodate your space, are ready to install you won’t have to do any extensive work trying to design your own truss pattern or make sure all the pieces fit together properly. In addition, decorative truss kits have available matching hardware so you can get an authentic look without having to piece together hardware from your local big box retailer.


Easy to Install


A truss kit also makes this upgrade a simple weekend project for an experienced carpenter. With faux wood beams and mounting instructions, you don’t need any heavy equipment to lift the trusses into place. Instead, they are lightweight and made to be anchored directly to your ceiling using a concealed mount, according to provided instructions.  The high density foam material also means that you don’t need any special drills or drill bits to get the job done. Once you have the first one up, it’s as easy as measuring equal distances to each of your new truss locations and repeating the process.


They Look Great


Truss kits can give you the look you’re going for in no time. The durable finish is made to look like natural wood in a wide range of stains and grain patterns so you can match your trusses to any other natural wood accents in your house, or even match it to your new trim if you are completely updating your home. The stained finish is made to last without any chipping, scratching, or refinishing. Trusses are a timeless element of architecture, and they are coming back into style. If you would like to add beautiful trusses to your home, start by checking out Volterra’s decorative truss kits online. We make it simple to order your trusses and have them installed without spending a fortune. These kits are made to give you everything you need to transform your ceilings with simple tools and a little bit of time. Check out our online gallery to see all of our truss designs.