Why Use Wood Beams on Your Ceiling?

Wood beams are helpful when looking for a top-rate decorative feature for any room in your home. But you might wonder why adding wood beams to a ceiling is a great idea. Whether you’re looking for wood trusses or faux wood beams for a kitchen or bathroom, Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix can help you create a space that you love. Keep reading to learn more about how wood beams can transform your home, and contact us to get started today!

A Warm Look

Wood beams are a great way to add warmth to any room. Wood can take on many different colors, from bright white or light beige tones to dark brown hues that resemble coffee with cream.  If you pair your wood beams with other natural materials like stone or brick, they can create an earthy feel that will make any room more inviting.

Creating a Shape For a Room

Wood beams can help you shape a room to your liking. Whether it’s an arched wood beam or one with tapering, they can create  a strong visual impact. If you want to create a room that has more of an organic feel, use wood beams in your design.

Separate the Lights

One of the most popular uses for wood beams is to separate lights. Adding spaces between your light fixtures can make a room feel more ample and open, while giving you an opportunity to showcase your wooden trusses or faux wood beams.

Add an Artistic Flourish

Wood beams can also add an artistic touch to your home. Their rustic appearance allows you to incorporate them into any color scheme or design idea, while adding a unique sense of character and charm to the room they are in.

If you’re thinking about incorporating wood beams on your ceiling, contact us today at  Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix. We have a variety of wood trusses and faux beams to choose from, including patterned beams that add even more character to your space!