Why You Need Flex Moulding for Your Home

Posted By Volterra Apr 10, 2017

moulding and piecing them together to form the curve. Flex moulding is a convenient and cost effective way of getting the look you want with minimal tools needed.

Moulding by The Foot

Whether your home features grand arches or you simply want to create a unique artistic pattern on your ceiling, flex moulding is an option that allows for creativity. Buyers typically purchase flex moulding by the foot. To install, simply cut the size needed and install exactly as you would hardwood moulding. Flex moulding bends to accommodate radius walls and curved windows and doors and is available to match any hardwood moulding profile Volterra produces.

Installing Flex Moulding

Due to its flexibility, you should be sure to attach your flex moulding with adhesive and finish nails and close enough together to keep the moulding from pulling away from the wall at the curves. Around tight corners, this may require some extra care. Volterra Architectural Products features many options in VolterraFlex for homes with difficult contours. To learn more or have any of your other architectural product questions answered, visit online or call 602-258-7373.