Why Your Base Mouldings Matter

Posted By Volterra Sep 05, 2017

Mouldings have become a popular decorative element that are used to add character and warmth to different rooms. Mouldings are loved by many because they are not only effective in adding texture to a space but are also cost effective. For all of their transformative qualities, mouldings don’t cost that much and anyone can use them to change the look of their homes. Mouldings are timeless classics which are perfect for both the traditional architectural and modern contemporary styles. Mouldings immediately make people think about casings, panel mouldings, crown mouldings, and entablatures. An important type of moulding that many often overlook are the base mouldings. Commonly referred to as baseboards, base mouldings are important both functionally and for aesthetics. Here are three reasons why you should pay special attention to base mouldings when designing the interior of your home.

Perfect Transition

Without base mouldings, there would be a stark difference at the point where the floor meets the wall. The base mouldings create the perfect transition between the wall and the floor no matter what type of wall or floor you have.

Conceal Cracks and Uneven Edges

Most wall bases have cracks and uneven edges. These cracks can stick out like a sore thumb and destroy the aesthetics of any room. Fortunately, base mouldings are there to conceal such flaws and cracks at the base of the wall. They are also important when it comes to covering elements such as wires which run across the room. The house would otherwise be a mess with all the cracks, uneven edges and wires running all over.

Function as Protective Edging for the Wall

The other reasons why you need to pay special attention to base mouldings is because they are the protective edge for the wall. There is a lot of abrasion that takes place at the base of the wall. Mop movement, shoes, water, and other damages are some of the most common causes of abrasion at the base of the wall. Without base mouldings, the walls quickly become dirty and more prone to cracking.

Give Your House a Modern Touch

Base mouldings  give your interior a modern touch. Imagine how bland your living room would look without the skirting.  It is almost unfathomable to think that a living room can be deemed complete without the base mouldings. The baseboards give an interior clean lines and an overall improved look. We have the best base mouldings in the market and offer them at a competitive price. Visit Volterra Architectural Products online or call us at 602-258-7373  to see our selection of base mouldings or learn more about our other architectural products that can make a difference to the ambience of your home.