Wood Crown Moulding

Posted By Volterra Aug 04, 2016

wood crown moulding to find the proper fit. Rather than test the fit with your actual moulding, test the angle with scrap sheet stock. Not only will this save you money, it will yield an accurate measurement without calibrated measuring tools or conversion tables. To begin, take scrap 1/4? or 3/8? sheet stock, and tear into slats measuring approximately 4?-5? wide. Note that these sizes are only recommendations. Whatever size you choose, make sure the slats are all the exact same width. Next, move the slats to the corner on the ceiling where your wood crown moulding will meet. It is imperative to be sure the edges of the sheet stock are laying absolutely flat against the wall. Lay one slat on top of the other slat, leaving 1” –  2” of extra slat extending beyond the meeting point on both sides. Using two pencil marks, draw a line where the lower slat presses flat on the upper slat. When you remove the lower slat from the upper slat, you should see two lines that form a box. Using a ruler or other straight edge, draw a diagonal pencil line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. This diagonal line is your cutting angle. Once you have precisely matched the angle of the line with your miter saw, cut the angle on your strip and do a test-fit in the corner where you will be placing your wood crown moulding. If you cut the correct angle, the edges will lie flat when they meet each other and have a uniform appearance. If this does not happen, try readjusting the angle on your miter saw until you get the correct fit. When you’re ready to purchase wood crown moulding for your home, contact Volterra Architectural Products by filling out our contact form, or by calling (602)258-7373.