What is a Faux Steel Beam Made Of?

What is a Faux Steel Beam Made Of?

A great option for your trusses, rafters and other construction features around your home are faux steel beams. Faux steel beams can add a brilliant look to your property while supporting the weight on your roof. But what are faux steel beams made of? In today’s blog from Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix, we’ll take a look at some materials used for faux steel beams and how they can impact the look of your home. Keep reading to learn more and contact us with any questions you may have!

Hardwood Designs

The faux steel beams in your home are made of a number of different materials. Probably the most common faux steel beam material is some type of hardwood. Whether it be oak, maple, or another wood species entirely, faux metal beams constructed from hardwoods can look truly amazing on many homes. The main downside to using these types of faux steel beams is that they can be a bit more expensive than other faux steel beams made from different materials.

I beam images in an industrial beach house


If you’re looking for faux steel beams that are a bit less expensive, faux urethane faux steel beams may be the best option. Many people don’t realize it but there are actually many types of urethanes available on the market today. Polyurethane can vary from material to material and faux metal beams made from polyurethane can vary from faux steel beams made of hardwood.


Acrylic faux steel beams are also an option for faux metal beams in many homes. Acrylic faux beam materials have a nice solid feel to them and they hold up well over time, which is why most people choose these types of faux steel beams for their construction needs. They are a bit less expensive than faux steel beams made from hardwood but they can be more costly when compared to faux urethane faux metal beams.

faux steel i beam

What is the Best Material For Faux Steel Beams? 

That really depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in terms of end results. Each type of faux metal beam has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, which is why faux metal beams are so versatile. Whether you want faux steel beams made of hardwood, faux urethane, or acrylic to use on your home it’s important to remember they can all add a unique look and feel.

Faux steel beams are ideal for your construction plans. Whether you want to prepare a truss or rafters, you can use faux beams to add a distinct touch. Our experts at Volterra Architectural Products will be there to help you with whatever work plans you want to manage for your home.

What Types of Wood Trusses Can You Use in Your Home?

What Types of Wood Trusses Can You Use in Your Home?

The structural wood trusses in your home will support your roof’s frame. Your trusses are essential in shaping your roof while distributing its weight onto the exterior walls. It is easier to get trusses ready than if you used rafters, plus they cost less than rafters. But you might be curious if you can get the look of structural wood trusses with a decorative, non-functional option. Our experts at Volterra Architectural Products can help you explore some of the different faux wood truss styles that fit in with your home or corporate design style. Keep reading to learn more, and visit us online or in-store today!

King Post

The king post truss design is one of the oldest types still in use today. The king post features a single vertical post at its center, with rafters on either side to support your roof. They are commonly used for smaller structures like gazebos and porches, but you can also find them incorporated into larger homes or commercial buildings. Volterra’s king truss perfectly replicates this type of structural wood truss.

Queen Post

The queen post truss features two vertical posts on either side of the center. While they are typically used to support smaller structures like gazebos, porches, and arbors, you can also find them in larger homes or commercial buildings.


This type of truss is used to create a window or skylight in homes. The clerestory features rafters that span across the width of your roof, with support beams coming down from those rafters on both sides. These are commonly found along exterior walls and can be made taller for more headroom underneath them. Volterra’s Sawtooth truss resembles some clerestory trusses.

If you’re looking for a specific type of wood truss, visit our website to see 12 different truss options to choose from.  Our technical team at Volterra Architectural Products is also available to discuss custom trusses of most any style. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products or services and how they can meet your needs. Call or stop by our Phoenix location today!

Why Choose Faux Wood Beams For Your Home?

Why Choose Faux Wood Beams For Your Home?

The challenge of finding quality materials for your architectural needs can be frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be when you look at how well fake beams can work. Faux beams look like wood, but they are made with alternate materials. They often feature various textures  that look great on most surfaces. Our experts at Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix can show you how these beams can be incorporated into your space. Keep reading to learn more, and shop our faux wood beams online or in-store today!

Easy to Customize

One great thing about faux beams is their ability to be customized. There are many different colors and styles of faux wood, so you should have no problems finding something that will fit into your space. The faux wood panels offered at Volterra come in various sizes as well, allowing for more flexibility when creating the right design scheme for your home.

I beam images in an industrial beach house

Less Risk of Damage

When faux beams are installed, there is a low chance of damage. For example, faux beams can be placed over an existing beam that has been damaged or weakened by water and other elements. The faux wood products will not rot or warp like real wood does in the same conditions because they are made of high-density polyurethane foam to ensure their durability, even after several decades.

Handles Moisture Well

Faux beams are able to  handle moisture well. Moisture is a common issue when it comes to wood in the home or outside because water vapor can seep  into this material and causes damage over time. With faux beams, on the other hand, you won’t have any issues with warping or cracking due to exposure to humidity or extreme conditions. It’s easy to clean faux beams, too.

faux steel i beam

Consistent Color

When faux beams are installed, you can enjoy the original stained color throughout the life of the beam. Some faux woods have various colors and textures that give each beam its own unique look, but you will never see any discoloration of fading from direct sunlight exposure because faux wood is treated to prevent this. This faux wood is also resistant to pests that might damage your beams over time.

Faux beams are an excellent choice for any home. They provide the look of wood, but they’re easier to install and are more resistant to harsh conditions. You’ll love faux beams, and Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix has them for you at affordable prices. Shop faux wood beams online or in-store today!

Why Use Wood Beams On Your Ceiling?

Why Use Wood Beams on Your Ceiling?

Wood beams are helpful when looking for a top-rate decorative feature for any room in your home. But you might wonder why adding wood beams to a ceiling is a great idea. Whether you’re looking for wood trusses or faux wood beams for a kitchen or bathroom, Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix can help you create a space that you love. Keep reading to learn more about how wood beams can transform your home, and contact us to get started today!

A Warm Look

Wood beams are a great way to add warmth to any room. Wood can take on many different colors, from bright white or light beige tones to dark brown hues that resemble coffee with cream.  If you pair your wood beams with other natural materials like stone or brick, they can create an earthy feel that will make any room more inviting.

Creating a Shape For a Room

Wood beams can help you shape a room to your liking. Whether it’s an arched wood beam or one with tapering, they can create  a strong visual impact. If you want to create a room that has more of an organic feel, use wood beams in your design.

Separate the Lights

One of the most popular uses for wood beams is to separate lights. Adding spaces between your light fixtures can make a room feel more ample and open, while giving you an opportunity to showcase your wooden trusses or faux wood beams.

Add an Artistic Flourish

Wood beams can also add an artistic touch to your home. Their rustic appearance allows you to incorporate them into any color scheme or design idea, while adding a unique sense of character and charm to the room they are in.

If you’re thinking about incorporating wood beams on your ceiling, contact us today at  Volterra Architectural Products in Phoenix. We have a variety of wood trusses and faux beams to choose from, including patterned beams that add even more character to your space!

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Steel I Beams

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Steel I Beams

Many interior design trends come and go, but some show no signs of ending anytime soon. Of the trends that are here to stay, it seems that homeowners are continuing to gravitate towards minimalist, industrial, or modular design. We’re seeing more steel and metals being incorporated into interior design to make a statement in both form and function. 


Steel ceiling beams are a staple in modern industrial design, but not every home requires this type of structural support. That’s where Faux Steel I Beams from Volterra Architectural Products come in. With 

these decorative ceiling beams, homeowners can incorporate industrial appeal to their space. To learn more about Volterra’s faux steel ceiling beams, continue reading as we answer some frequently asked questions.

What Are Faux Steel Beams Made Of?

Each decorative steel beam is constructed of real Poplar hardwood. The planks are painted to replicate the appearance of real steel. This wood is not only light and long-lasting, but it’s also rust-free and susceptible to corrosion like real steel beams. Once they are installed, it will be very difficult to tell that they are wood and not steel!

I beam images in an industrial beach house

How Much Do Steel Beams Cost?

The most popular sizes of Volterra decorative steel beams are 6×6 and 8×8, with the starting cost for 48” beams ranging from $225 to $290 per beam. The cost of each beam is decided by the measurements and extras chosen, as well as delivery. Choosing these easy-to-install faux steel beams can help you save a lot of money, considering what it would cost to install real steel ceiling beams with a lot of the expense coming from labor.

What Sizes Can Faux Steel Beams Be Ordered In?

Volterra manufactures faux steel beams in nine different sizes and 20 different lengths ranging from 48” to 288”. This makes ordering faux steel beams for the space you want to install them in very easy. Simple measure the space beforehand and you should have a good idea of which sizes you’ll need. If you want assistance choosing the right beam dimensions for your project, contact a Volterra customer care representative.

faux steel i beam

Can These Be Used In Place of Structural Steel Beams?

Volterra’s faux steel beams, and other architectural details, are not designed to be used for structural purposes. These decorative steel beams are perfect for individuals who want to replicate the look of real steel ceiling beams without having to deal with the expense or difficulty of installation.

Faux Steel I Beams from Volterra are a great way to add new life and modern, minimalistic, and industrial style to any home or building without spending thousands on renovations. To learn more about these faux steel beams and other products manufactured by Volterra Architectural Products, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Wood Vigas

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Wood Vigas

Vigas have become a popular exterior architectural detail, especially in adobe and Southwestern-style buildings. While vigas intended for structural support are constructed from real wood, homeowners can create the illusion of real wood vigas with unique products that are purely decorative — faux wood vigas from Volterra Architectural Products. 


Volterra’s selection of decorative vigas are manufactured to replicate the beautiful characteristics of real wood logs, but do not require maintenance and don’t decay, split, rot, or deteriorate. If you’d like to learn more about our faux wood vigas, continue reading as we answer some frequently asked questions.

What Are Faux Vigas Made Of?

The faux vigas we provide at Volterra Architectural Products are manufactured with high-quality urethane foam. Each decorative viga is created from a mold of a real wood viga to ensure the wood texture and grain are reproduced accurately. You’ll be forgiven if you can’t tell them apart from genuine wood, as they appear to be the real thing!

doug fir ridge and rafter faux beams in dining room

Can Faux Vigas Be Used Outside?

Although Volterra faux wood vigas are manufactured with urethane foam and are lightweight, they are incredibly durable and are designed for exterior use. They can withstand the elements and aren’t susceptible to splitting, rotting, or deterioration after a few years like real wood. What’s more, faux wood vigas are also resistant to termites and other insects, moisture, and ultraviolet rays.

How Much Do Vigas Cost?

The cost of Volterra vigas is determined by a variety of factors, including the type, size, finish, and whether they are solid or hollow. The cost of each viga is determined by your specific demands and installation criteria. An 8″ x 12″ hollow Flat End Viga without a flange and unpainted finish costs around $40 per viga. A 12” x 24” solid Tapered End Viga with a back plate and a dark walnut finish will cost just under $140.

How Do You Install Faux Vigas?

Volterra faux wood vigas are lightweight and easy to install for DIY homeowners who want to add the appearance of wood vigas without all the hassle. Our decorative vigas can fit onto existing rods or be installed with Volterra’s Viga Mounting Plate. Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to drill a hole in the center of each viga so that it will fit on the rod properly. It is recommended that adhesive is used to ensure a secure fit.

Volterra wood vigas are a great way to add new life and Southwestern-style to any home or building without spending thousands on expensive renovations. To learn more about faux wood vigas and other polyurethane architectural details manufactured by Volterra Architectural Products, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Faux Wood Beams For Popular Rooms

Faux Wood Beams For Popular Rooms

Enhance Home Interior Design With Decorative Ceiling Beams

Installing wood ceiling beams is a great way to add interest and detail to the rooms in your home. Incorporating solid, natural wood ceiling beams into your interior design is not a cheap project, however. Fortunately, Volterra Architectural Products manufactures faux wood beams that offer the same look and interior enhancement of solid natural wood beams, but at a more affordable cost and without the installation and maintenance hassles. 

Volterra’s decorative ceiling beams are available in a wide selection of different styles, types, and finishes. This makes it easy to find faux wood beams for virtually any room interior. Below, we share some great options for the most popular rooms to install faux wood ceiling beams.

Master Bedroom

The look of exposed beams can bring a warming and comfort-boosting effect to a master bedroom.  The best faux wood beams for a master bedroom will be dependent on the interior design style and color scheme. For modern bedrooms, you can’t go wrong with Volterra’s Doug Fir or Majestic faux wood beams in a light or dark finish. Certain collections, including Rustic, Rough Sawn, and Hand Hewn faux wood beams look great in traditional or rustic spaces.

An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams installed in a bedroom.
An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams installed in a kitchen.


The kitchen is often the most valued space in a home. Many people dream of having an elegant, open kitchen and faux wood beams can help you head in the right direction. Installing faux wood beams in the kitchen adds visual appeal to the space, creates balance, and helps improve functionality. Depending on the interior design goals of your kitchen, Rustic, Doug Fir, or any of the faux wood beam collections offered by Volterra should fit nicely.

Living Room

Living or family rooms are perfect for faux wood beams, especially those that have high cathedral ceilings. Installing them will add a sense of comfort and help contribute toward creating a space that is perfect for any occasion, from hosting guests to having a family movie night. When trying to determine which faux wood beams are best for your living area, consider the surrounding decor, the lighting the space receives, and your style preference. Volterra will have the perfect option.

An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams installed in a family room.
An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams installed in a hallway.


Hallways aren’t really thought of when it comes to the interior design of a home. Sure, you can hang some photos or art on the wall and incorporate unique accent lighting, but other than that, there isn’t too much going on. However, installing faux wood beams is a great way to bring some depth to these long and narrow spaces. If you have a main hallway that has a lighter color scheme, any of Volterra’s faux wood beams in a darker finish will look great.

No matter what room you are wanting to enhance, faux wood beams from Volterra Architectural Products are a great way to transform the interior design of any space. Shop our collection of faux wood beams today or check out our faux steel beams or natural wood box beams. 

Faux Ceiling Beam Ideas for Any Interior Design Styles

Faux Ceiling Beam Ideas for Any Interior Design Styles

Enhance Your Interior Spaces With Decorative Ceiling Beams

Let’s face it, some things won’t ever budge from your dream home wish list, and ceiling beams are one of them. Exposed ceiling beams add textural detail and visual appeal in addition to a framing quality that makes other interior elements pop. If you have always wanted to incorporate ceiling beams in your home, decorative ceiling beams from Volterra Architectural Products are just what you need.

Volterra’s non-structural ceiling beams are available in a selection of different types and styles. Choose between faux steel ceiling beams, faux wood ceiling beams, and natural wood ceiling beams, each of which is available in different textures and finishes. With all the different options available, Volterra makes it easy to find faux ceiling beams for virtually any interior space! Here are some ideas to help you find interior-enhancing decorative beams no matter what the style is.

An image of dark Volterra faux wood beams in a modern farmhouse kitchen.


If you think back to a few years ago, farmhouse-style interior design was all the rage. That style, however, has evolved into something that is a bit more modern. Modern farmhouse interior design is all about incorporating rustic elements in a fresh and airy way—think Joanna Gains! Both faux wood beams and natural wood box beams can help bring out the best elements in modern farmhouse design.


An urban look with an edge, industrial interior design is characterized by raw textures, exposed elements, and metal fixtures and finishes. It is a look that is popular in lofts and warehouses. The style emphasizes ample use of exposed steel with distressed wooden elements, frequently complemented by exposed brick walls. Volterra’s faux steel I beams can help you achieve an authentic industrial look. If steel isn’t the vibe you’re going for, decorative wood beams will look great too.

An image of Volterra’s faux steel I beams.
An image of Volterra’s rough sawn faux wood beams in an espresso finish.


Traditional interior design is one of the industry’s most well-known styles. Traditional interiors use ornately detailed tables and chairs made from dark wood, drawing inspiration from 18th & 19th Century England and France. Decorative wood ceiling beams are a perfect addition to these spaces. They help bring out the underpinning elements and important pieces that are incorporated into the overall design of a space.


Southwestern interior design encompasses the look of the “Wild West”. While the style melds together elements from multiple cultures and periods of history, it’s translatable to modern homes today. Southwestern interiors gather their inspiration from the soft lines of adobe houses, Spanish textiles, ironwork, and nature. It features various textures and warm color palettes as well. Any of Volterra’s decorative ceiling beams — faux steel, faux wood, or real wood — can be easily incorporated into Southwestern interiors.

An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams in Southwestern style interior design.

No matter what type of interior style you’re looking to enhance, Volterra’s collection of decorative ceiling beams are sure to bring depth and appeal to the space. Shop our selection today to find beams that will compliment your interior design and contact Volterra’s customer support team if you need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Wood Beams

Faux wood beams are a great way of adding interest and architectural details to just about any space in your home. Not only can faux wood beams be more affordable than those manufactured with real wood, but they are also lighter, easier to install, more versatile, and more environmentally friendly, among other benefits.

At Volterra Architectural Products, we specialize in manufacturing the best faux wood beams and other polyurethane architectural details. Utilizing molds from real pieces of wood and quality high-density foam material, we’re able to manufacture a wide selection of faux wood beams that replicate the appearance of natural wood — right down to the graining, knotting, and other fine details. Installation of these faux ceiling beams is a breeze and instantly adds dimension to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Faux Wood Beams

Faux ceiling and architectural beams are becoming more and more popular. People are adding them to their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor living spaces, and even businesses. If you’re interested in browsing our selection of faux wood ceiling beams, click here. To learn more about our faux wood beams, continue reading as we answer the most frequently asked questions about our faux decorative beams.

What Are Faux Wood Beams Made Of?

At Volterra Architectural Products, we manufacture our faux wood beams using a high-density polyurethane foam (HDF) material. This material is lightweight, which makes them easy to install, yet they are still dense and durable.

Do Faux Beams Look Real?

Absolutely. Our faux wood beams are handcrafted using molds made from real wood beams. This allows our decorative beams to replicate the appearance of natural wood, right down to the grain. Our QuickShip faux wood beams are identical as they are poured monolithically as one piece — installers typically flip flop these beams so the texture pattern is alternated. We also offer custom beams that are truly unique, as each one may be slightly different from the other.

How Much Do Faux Wood Beams Cost?

The most popular sizes of Volterra faux wood beams range from $200 to $750 per beam. The cost of our faux wood beams is determined by the type of beam ordered, plus freight. Compared to the cost of real wood ceiling beams and the installation required, you can keep more money in your wallet by choosing faux wood beams.

Are Faux Wood Beams Durable?

Yes! Volterra’s faux wood beams are surprisingly dense and durable compared to natural wood when installed in areas such as the ceiling where they are not subjected to abuse. Unlike natural wood beams, faux wood beams will not warp, crack, fade, or rot. Artificial wood beams are virtually maintenance-free!

Are Faux Beams Easy to Install?

Installing faux beams is easy. Because our decorative beams are manufactured from a durable yet lightweight polyurethane material, the beams are extremely easy to handle and can be up on a ceiling in just a matter of hours. If you are handy and familiar with carpentry, you likely can install these beams without any issues. However, for the best results, we recommend working with a licensed contractor.

What Tools Are Needed for Installing Faux Wood Beams

You can install faux wood ceiling beams using a hand saw, drill, tape measure, and a pencil or marker. To learn more about the necessary tools and how to install faux wood beams, check out this video.

Can Faux Wood Beams Be Used Outside?

Yes, faux wood beams can be used both indoors and outdoors. Homeowners can add to the overall look and feel of their outdoor living spaces and covered patio by installing outdoor faux wood beams.

Are Faux Wood Trusses Suitable for Any Ceiling?

Along with decorative beams, Volterra’s faux wood trusses are a great way to enhance high ceilings. We offer decorative trusses for both flat and pitched ceilings.

Can Volterra Produce Custom Beams and Trusses?

Yes. In addition to our standard faux beams and decorative trusses, Volterra accepts custom orders. We have the capability to produce custom beams and trusses for projects of any size and specification.

How Much Do Faux Wood Beams Weigh?

Popular or standard sizes of our faux wood beams weigh 1–2 pounds per linear foot, which translates to about 10–40 pounds per beam. This is a considerable difference compared to real wood beams, which would likely weigh 600 pounds and take heavy equipment to install or even box beams which weigh significantly more than polyurethane foam beams.

Can Faux Wood Beams Be Used to Cover Existing Drywall Beams?

Yes, of course. Faux wood beams are a great way to cover structural glulam or drywall beams, unattractive wood beams, pipes, cords, or fixtures.

Does Volterra Install Faux Wood Beams?

As much as we are committed to providing our customers with the best service, Volterra Architectural Products is a manufacturer, and therefore, we are not involved in any way with installation. We recommended working with a licensed contractor for the best results.

Can Volterra Provide Technical Help for Faux Wood Beam Orders?

Our website (www.volterraproducts.com) offers installation videos, documents, resources, and other technical data for each of our products. If you are working with a professional installer they will be able to provide you with design advice and installation recommendations. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, our beam specialists will be happy to assist — just give our team a call.

Does Volterra Manufacture Real Wood Beams?

Yes! In addition to our wide selection of faux wood beams, Volterra manufactures natural hardwood and softwood box beams in almost any species desired. Click here to learn more.

Have Further Questions About Our Faux Wood Beams?

If you were unable to find answers to your questions about our faux wood beams, contact Volterra Architectural Products at (602) 258-7373. Our beam specialists will be happy to assist you.

Adding Faux Wood Beams To Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. With the amount of time you spend in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals, enjoying morning cups of coffee, and hosting friends and family, you have every reason to want it to be one of the most aesthetically-pleasing rooms in your home. From new countertops and cabinets to creating an open kitchen layout, there are many renovation projects that can be done to make your kitchen look and feel even more comfortable and homey than it already is.

However, there are also some simple things that can be done that can drastically enhance your kitchen space and don’t require any remodeling and renovation, like faux wood beams. Adding faux wooden beams to any space in your home is a creative way to give it a unique and rustic — yet modern — look. Having a bland white ceiling can detract from an otherwise attractive aesthetic. Implementing kitchen ceiling beams can do wonders for your space, all without the costs of actual wood.

Reasons To Choose Faux Wood Beams for Kitchen

Adding real wood beams to your kitchen, while they would be a beautiful addition to the space, is a costly and laborious process. Faux wood beams offer numerous benefits, but perhaps the biggest benefit is that they are shaped and stained to replicate the appearance of natural wood. These beams are also not as heavy as real wood ceiling beams, making them an easy-to-install decorative element for your kitchen.

Volterra Architectural Products manufactures high-quality faux wood beams that enhance the look and feel of any interior or exterior space, especially the kitchen! Available in different styles, Volterra’s faux wood beams can transform a bland kitchen ceiling into a detailed work of art, lending a warm and welcoming feel to your heart of the home.

Design Ideas for Using Faux Wood Beams

While living areas are typically the most popular room to add faux wooden beams to, both small and large kitchens can benefit from the timeless, open-beam style that they bring to the space. Below, our design experts share some design ideas for using faux wooden beams in your kitchen.

Create Visual Contrast

Many of the contemporary-modern kitchens in today’s homes put focus on sleek surfaces. Stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and simple cabinets are becoming more popular than the richly-stained finishes that were trending in previous years. Adding faux wood ceiling beams can add visual contrast to your kitchen. In kitchens with white or light-colored ceilings and color schemes especially, the warmth and texture faux wood beams bring a beautifully-balanced focal point to the space.

Add to the Entrance

As mentioned, kitchens are the hub of all activities — and all delicious food, of course. While the attention is often directed to what’s inside the space, the entrance of the kitchen is something that should not be overlooked. Faux wood beams provide an old-world feel to a modern kitchen, framing the entrance beautifully. Large beams with faux wood trusses in the corners will add appealing architectural detail to the entrance.

Get Creative

Adding faux wood beams to your kitchen will certainly bring more attention to the space. Depending on your kitchen and your personal style and preferences, faux wooden beams can be used in multiple ways. For example, adding a faux wood ceiling running in the same direction as a kitchen island or bar is a great way to highlight that unique feature. If your kitchen has a high ceiling, faux wood beams can be mounted a few feet below ceiling height to add a cozier feel to the space without having to sacrifice architectural interest or natural light. Lastly, any unusual curves, angles, or other lines in your kitchen space can be highlighted with strategically-placed beams, turning an awkward space into an unexpectedly beautiful one.


Of course, you are the one who will be using your kitchen the most, so it’s important to think about the different ways adding faux wood beams can enhance its look and feel.

Find Faux Wood Beams For Your Kitchen

You cannot go wrong with adding wooden beams to your kitchen. Doing so will add an old-world, yet modern touch to the space, making the time you spend there more enjoyable. If you are interested in adding wood beams to your kitchen, be sure to check out Volterra’s selection of faux wood beams. Because beams are lightweight so they can be easily installed on your own. For more information, visit Volterra Architectural Products website today.