Are Faux Wood Beams Cheaper Than Real Wood Beams?

When considering the enhancement of your home’s aesthetic with ceiling beams, one of the fundamental questions that arises is the cost difference between faux wood beams and real wood beams. At Volterra Architectural Products, we understand that both options have their merits, but today we’re focusing on the cost-effectiveness and benefits of faux wood beams, particularly our white oak faux wood beams, in comparison to their real wood counterparts.

faux wood beams

Initial Purchase Price

Faux wood beams generally offer a more cost-effective solution up front compared to real wood beams. Manufactured from high-density polyurethane, faux beams are less expensive to produce and purchase. This makes them an attractive option for larger projects or for homeowners seeking the rustic or sophisticated charm of beams without the hefty price tag of real wood.

Installation Costs

The installation process for faux wood beams is significantly less labor-intensive than that for real wood beams. Real wood beams, especially those made from hardwood like white oak, are heavy and often require additional support structures and professional installation, which can add to the overall costs. Faux wood beams are lightweight, easy to handle, and can often be installed by the homeowners themselves, leading to savings on labor costs.

faux wood beams in kitchen

Maintenance and Longevity

Over time, real wood beams can be subject to environmental factors such as moisture and insects, which may require treatments and regular maintenance. This ongoing care adds additional costs to the lifetime investment in real wood. In contrast, faux wood beams are designed to be low maintenance. They do not warp, rot, or succumb to insect damage, ensuring that they remain a cost-effective and hassle-free addition over their lifespan.

Aesthetic and Customization Costs

Faux wood beams offer a wide range of customization options at a lower cost. They can be manufactured to mimic virtually any type of wood, including Rift White Oak, and can be tailored in terms of size, shape, and finish to meet specific design needs without the price scaling significantly. This is in contrast to real wood beams, where custom cuts and finishes can become prohibitively expensive.

faux wood beams in living room

Choosing between faux and real wood beams often comes down to budget, aesthetics, and practical considerations. If cost, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance are your priorities, then faux wood beams, such as our white oak faux wood beams, present a compelling choice. They provide the decorative appeal of wood beams with added benefits that real wood cannot match. Explore Volterra’s extensive range of faux wood beams to find the perfect match for your home and enjoy the beauty of wood beams without the high costs. Contact us today to learn more or to start your project with the finest faux beams available.

Your Guide to Choosing Between Faux Beams and Natural Wood Beams

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic of your home with beams, the choice between faux wood beams and natural wood beams is pivotal. Both options offer distinct advantages and cater to different preferences, needs, and architectural styles. Understanding the nuances of each can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your design vision and practical requirements.

rec room with wood beams

The Case for Faux Wood Beams

Faux wood beams have surged in popularity due to their versatility and practical benefits. Made from high-density polyurethane, faux beams mimic the texture and appearance of real wood without the inherent drawbacks of natural timber. One of the primary advantages is their lightweight nature, which simplifies installation and reduces the structural load on your home. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in renovations or installations where the existing structure cannot support the weight of real wood beams.

Additionally, faux wood beams are impervious to pests and decay, ensuring longevity and durability without the need for regular maintenance. Their resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations makes them ideal for use in any climate. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of faux beams can be a decisive factor for many homeowners. Offering the luxurious look of wood at a fraction of the price, they allow for expansive decorative applications without breaking the bank.

The Appeal of Natural Wood Beams

Natural wood beams bring irreplaceable authenticity and warmth to interiors, celebrated for their unique textures, grains, and the nuanced tones of real timber. Each beam tells a story, with its imperfections and character marks adding to the overall charm and ambiance of a space. For those seeking an organic connection to nature and a timeless aesthetic, natural wood beams are unrivaled.

The strength and durability of solid wood beams also contribute to their appeal. Capable of supporting substantial loads, they are often used in structural applications where their robustness can be showcased. Additionally, natural wood beams can be a sustainable choice, especially when sourced from responsibly managed forests or reclaimed from old buildings, further enhancing their allure for eco-conscious homeowners.

living room and kitchen with wood beams
bedroom with wood beams

Installation Considerations

The installation process for natural wood beams requires more preparation and labor compared to faux beams. The weight of natural wood necessitates proper support structures and, often, professional installation. In contrast, the lightweight nature of faux wood beams allows for easier and quicker DIY installations, making them a practical choice for weekend projects.

Maintenance and Longevity

Natural wood beams require periodic maintenance to preserve their beauty and structural integrity. Treatments to protect against pests, moisture, and UV damage are essential for extending their lifespan. Faux beams, on the other hand, offer a maintenance-free solution, retaining their appearance over time without the need for ongoing care.

living room with wood beams

Whether you lean towards the authentic charm of natural wood beams or the practical benefits and versatility of faux wood beams, Volterra Architectural Products offers an extensive selection to suit every style and project. Our expertise in architectural products ensures that you can find the perfect beams to complement your home’s design. Contact us to explore our range and take the first step towards transforming your space with the beauty of beams.

Maximizing Space Perception: How Faux Wood Ceiling Beams Open Up Smaller Rooms

In interior design, the illusion of space is just as crucial as the actual square footage. At Volterra Architectural Products, we understand that every design element plays a role in how a room is perceived. Faux wood ceiling beams, such as our Rustic, Rough Hewn, Doug Fir, and Hand Hewn beams, can significantly alter the perception of space in a smaller room, making it feel more open and expansive.

Drawing the Eye Upward

One of the primary ways faux wood beams open up a space is by drawing the eye upward. When you enter a room, your gaze naturally follows distinct lines and structures. Installing beams like our striking Rough Hewn beams along the ceiling can create vertical lines and elongate the perceived height of the room. This verticality gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, thus making the room appear larger than it actually is.

Creating Architectural Interest and Depth

Faux wood ceiling beams add a dynamic architectural element to a room. By incorporating designs such as our Hand Hewn beams, you introduce depth and texture, which can make a small room feel more spacious. The shadows and contours created by the beams add layers to the design, distracting from the room’s actual size and making the space feel more open and inviting.

Enhancing Light and Shadow Play

The interplay of light and shadow plays a significant role in how we perceive space. Faux wood beams, especially in lighter tones like our Doug Fir beams, can enhance this effect. The beams cast shadows and create highlights, which add visual depth and complexity to the ceiling, tricking the eye into perceiving more space.

Color and Texture Considerations

Choosing the right color and texture for your faux wood beams is crucial in maximizing space perception. Lighter-colored beams, like our Rustic options, tend to make the ceiling feel higher and the room larger. The texture of the beams also adds an interesting visual element that can draw attention and give the room a more expansive feel.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

The placement of faux wood beams can greatly influence how room size is perceived. Positioning beams along the longest dimension of the room can elongate the space, while arranging them in unique patterns can break up the monotony of a small area, adding an element of surprise and visual interest.
Embracing the versatility and beauty of faux wood beams is a clever way to enhance the feeling of space in smaller rooms. From the charm of our Rustic Beams to the fine detailing of our Hand Hewn Beams, the right choice in faux wood ceiling beams can transform your space into an open, airy, and inviting area. Browse our online selection to explore our diverse range of faux wood beams and discover how they can revolutionize your interior spaces.

Achieving a Modern Look With Decorative Ceiling Wood Beams

When it comes to modern interior design, the harmony of form and function plays a pivotal role. Decorative wood beams, often associated with traditional or rustic styles, can surprisingly be a key element in crafting a modern aesthetic. At Volterra Architectural Products, we’ve seen how the right application of decorative ceiling beams can transform a space into a contemporary haven. Here’s how you can achieve a modern look with decorative beams on the ceiling.

halway with decorative ceiling beams

Embrace Minimalism With Clean Lines

In modern design, less is often more. Choosing decorative wood beams with clean, straight lines and minimal detailing can significantly contribute to a sleek, contemporary look. Avoid ornate patterns or heavy textures – instead, opt for beams that offer simplicity and elegance. Such beams can complement the minimalist aesthetic while adding subtle architectural interest.

contemporary living room with decorative ceiling beams

Experiment with Unconventional Layouts

Modern design thrives on innovation and creativity. Instead of traditional parallel layouts, consider arranging decorative ceiling beams in unique patterns or geometric configurations. This approach not only adds visual interest but also imbues the space with a distinctively modern character, making the ceiling a focal point of artistic expression.

kitchen with decorative ceiling beams

Select Contemporary Finishes and Colors

The finish and color of the beams can vastly influence the room’s overall ambiance. For a modern look, choose finishes that are either very light or very dark, steering clear of mid-tone woods which tend to lean towards a more traditional appearance. Matte black, high-gloss white, or natural-looking grey tones are excellent choices for decorative wood beams in a modern setting.

bar with decorative ceiling beams

Incorporate Integrated Lighting

Modern design is as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics. Incorporating integrated lighting within your decorative beams can add both practicality and a futuristic feel. LED strip lighting or recessed spotlights can turn your ceiling beams into a dynamic design element, enhancing the room’s ambiance while providing functional illumination.


Leverage the Power of Contrast

In modern design, the power of contrast cannot be overstated. Utilizing decorative wood beams as a contrasting element in a room can create a striking visual impact. Pairing light-colored beams against a dark ceiling, or vice versa, can add depth and dimension to your space. This use of contrast not only draws the eye upward but also delineates the architectural structure of the room, making the beams a statement piece in their own right.

Decorative wood beams are not just for traditional or rustic themes; they can be a standout feature in modern design as well. By focusing on clean lines, unique layouts, contemporary finishes, and integrated lighting, you can transform these classic elements into modern masterpieces. At Volterra, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of decorative ceiling beams that cater to every design preference. Explore our collection, and let us help you achieve the modern look you desire with our high-quality decorative beams.

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How to Choose the Right Wood for Your Decorative Ceiling Beams

The right decorative wood beams can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary, adding warmth, character, and architectural interest. At Volterra Architectural Products, we offer various wood and faux wood options for your decorative ceiling beams. Whether you prefer a rustic charm or a sleek modern look, choosing the right wood and faux wood is crucial. Let’s delve into how you can select the perfect wood type for your decorative beams on the ceiling.

Consider the Room’s Overall Style

The first step in choosing the right wood for your decorative beams is to consider the style of the room. Knotty Pine Hand-Hewn or Wire Brush Knotty Pine beams bring a traditional, country charm for a rustic, cozy feel. For contemporary or modern spaces, a sleek MDF wood beam or the clean lines of White Oak and Rift White Oak beams can complement the minimalist aesthetic.

Matching or Contrasting Existing Woodwork

Look at the existing wood elements in your space, like flooring, furniture, or cabinetry. You can either choose beams that match these elements for a cohesive look or select a contrasting wood to create an accent feature. For instance, pairing Superior Alder beams with light oak flooring can create a stunning contrast, while using Poplar beams can seamlessly blend with similarly toned woodwork.

Understanding Wood Characteristics

Each wood type has its unique characteristics. Doug Fir and Combed Doug Fir offer a strong, grainy texture suitable for traditional or industrial designs. Knotty Alder and Superior Alder provide a smoother finish with a subtle grain, ideal for elegant, refined interiors. Understanding these characteristics will help you align your choice with the desired ambiance of your space.

Consider Durability and Maintenance

The durability and maintenance needs of the wood should also influence your choice. MDF is low maintenance and works well in environments where durability is key. Natural woods like White Oak or Doug Fir have different care requirements but offer longevity and a timeless appeal. Evaluate how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to and choose accordingly.


The Benefits of Choosing Real Wood Beams

Incorporating real wood beams into your design offers several distinct advantages:

  • Authenticity and Character: Each real wood beam has a unique grain pattern, color, and texture, lending authentic charm and character to your space.
  • Timeless Appeal: Real wood beams age gracefully, often enhancing their beauty over time.
  • Natural Insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, helping to regulate indoor temperatures.
  • Versatility in Design: Real wood beams can be adapted to suit a wide range of interior styles and preferences.

Selecting the right wood for your decorative ceiling beams involves balancing style, compatibility with existing decor, wood characteristics, and maintenance considerations. At Volterra, our range of wood options, from MDF to Knotty Alder, ensures you’ll find the perfect match for your project. Explore our collection of decorative wood beams, consult with our experts, and elevate your space with the timeless beauty of wood.

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Elevate Your Design With Faux Wood Beams

The transformative potential of architectural elements is truly remarkable. While there are numerous ways to elevate an interior, few have the innate charm and versatility of faux wood beams. At Volterra Architectural Products, we’ve witnessed firsthand the magic these beams can bring to spaces both conventional and unexpected. Let’s journey through innovative applications of faux wood beams that can redefine your design narrative.

ceiling with faux wood beams

Beaming High in Vaulted Bedrooms

Vaulted ceilings inherently possess an expansive, airy feel. By introducing wood beams on the ceiling, you not only emphasize this spaciousness but also add a touch of warmth and character. Faux beams can effortlessly contour the arch of a vaulted bedroom ceiling, creating an architectural focal point that’s both impressive and inviting.

living room and kitchen with wood beams on the ceiling

A Modern Room Divider Like No Other

Open floor plans are synonymous with modern living, but there’s always a need for subtle demarcations. Faux wood beams can be cleverly used as vertical elements, acting as modern room dividers. Their robust appearance creates a soft divide, allowing spaces to flow while still providing distinct zones. This intersection of old-world charm with contemporary design is truly captivating.

faux wood beams

Accentuating Hallways With Short Beams

Hallways often serve as mere connectors between rooms, but they hold untapped potential. Installing short faux wood ceiling beams can provide rhythm and interest to an otherwise overlooked space. As light dances between each beam, hallways become more than just passageways—they turn into memorable design avenues.

rustic style wood beams

Bold Thresholds With Wood Beam Accents

Thresholds, the spaces between doorways or rooms, are transitional in nature. By framing them with faux beams, you impart a sense of grandeur and define entrances or exits. This not only heightens the design quotient but also adds an element of intrigue, beckoning individuals from one space to the next.

Whether it’s vaulted ceilings or modest thresholds, faux wood beams offer boundless opportunities to elevate design. Their adaptability, combined with their undeniable aesthetic appeal, positions them as a quintessential element for any interior enthusiast. At Volterra, we invite you to reimagine every corner of your space. Dive into our range of faux wood beams and discover how you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Faux Wood Beams: The Hidden Architectural Element Every Home Needs

The charm of architectural elements often lies in their ability to merge aesthetics with functionality. When envisioning a cozy, elegant home, certain features like a fireplace or a vintage chandelier might come to mind. However, one often-overlooked element has the power to revolutionize interiors: faux wood beams. At Volterra Architectural Products, we firmly believe that faux beam ceiling designs are the unsung heroes of interior architecture. Let’s explore why faux wood beams deserve a spotlight in your home.

faux wood beam in the restaurant

Aesthetically Pleasing Without the Weight

One of the primary advantages of faux wood beams for ceiling applications is their lightweight nature. Crafted meticulously to mirror the aesthetics of real wood beams, faux beams provide the visual richness of authentic timbers without structural and weight concerns. This allows homeowners to achieve a luxurious, rustic charm in spaces where real wood beams might be impractical or impossible.

faux wood beam

Flexibility in Design

With faux beams, design limitations are a thing of the past. Available in an array of sizes, textures, and finishes, these beams offer unparalleled versatility. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary, sleek look or longing for the nostalgic appeal of aged, weathered beams, there’s a faux beam that aligns with your vision. Their adaptability ensures they can complement a wide variety of interior styles and palettes.

6 different faux wood beam

Cost-Efficient and Long-Lasting

While real wood beams can be quite costly, especially when considering installation and maintenance, faux wood beams present a more budget-friendly alternative. They not only offer cost savings upfront but also in the long run, as they’re immune to common wood issues such as rot, termites, and warping. Made from high-density polyurethane foam, faux beams are built to last, ensuring homeowners enjoy their aesthetic appeal for years without hefty maintenance or replacement costs.

3 wood beams

Eco-Conscious Design Choice

Incorporating the warmth and beauty of wood into your home doesn’t mean the environment has to pay the price. Faux wood beams for ceilings provide an eco-responsible option. Their manufacturing process uses sustainable materials and practices, offering homeowners the chance to make design choices that are both stylish and environmentally conscious.

Elevating the ambiance of your home is more attainable than ever with faux wood beams. Their combination of aesthetic appeal, design flexibility, durability, and eco-friendliness positions them as an architectural element every modern home needs. At Volterra Architectural Products, we’re passionate about bringing the beauty of faux beams to homes everywhere. Discover the transformative potential of faux beam ceiling designs in our extensive product range and reimagine your interiors with timeless elegance.

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How to Get Ceiling Beams Without a Remodel

Ceiling beams have long been revered for their ability to add character, depth, and architectural intrigue to any space. But what if you crave the charm of wood beams on your ceiling without diving into a full-blown remodeling project? At Volterra Architectural Products, we understand this desire and have curated solutions to make your dream wood beam ceiling come to life with ease. Here’s how you can introduce ceiling beams without undergoing a complete remodel.

The Magic of Faux Beams

The most straightforward way to achieve the appearance of wood ceiling beams without a structural overhaul is by using faux beams. These beams, expertly crafted to replicate the texture, grain, and color of real wood, are lightweight and designed for easy installation. With their non-structural nature, they can be mounted directly to your ceiling, delivering the aesthetic appeal of authentic beams without the need for intensive labor or structural considerations.

Utilizing Adhesive Mounting Strips

Traditional wood ceiling beams can require extensive hardware and reinforcement. However, many modern faux beams can be attached using adhesive mounting strips. These strips ensure a secure fit while simplifying the installation process. This method minimizes the damage to your existing ceiling and significantly speeds up the installation, allowing homeowners to enjoy their new ceiling beams in no time. Learn more about installing faux wood beams here.

Customizable Lengths and Finishes

One of the concerns homeowners often voice is whether ceiling beams will fit their specific room dimensions and design themes. The beauty of non-structural beams lies in their adaptability. They are available in various lengths and can often be cut to fit particular room sizes. Additionally, with a plethora of finishes to choose from, ranging from dark mahogany to weathered grays, you can effortlessly match or contrast your current decor.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Incorporating wood beams on the ceiling doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. By opting for faux beams, you are choosing a product crafted from sustainable materials. Not only do you prevent the felling of trees, but you also ensure that your design choices are in line with eco-friendly practices, all while achieving the desired aesthetic of a wood beam ceiling.

Craving the timeless charm of wood ceiling beams doesn’t mean you have to commit to a full remodel. Through smart solutions like faux beams, adhesive mounting methods, and customizable options, achieving your dream ceiling is more accessible than ever. At Volterra, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life with products that combine beauty, simplicity, and sustainability. Explore our range of ceiling beams today and transform your space without the complexities of a complete renovation.

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4 Ways to Add Character to Your Home With Decorative Wood Beams

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and style, a sanctuary where you feel most comfortable. However, achieving this personalized look often calls for something more than just a splash of paint or new furniture. One of the most effective ways to add both character and value to your home is by installing decorative wood beams. Particularly when placed on ceilings, these beams can significantly elevate the aesthetic of any room. In this article from Volterra Architectural Products, we will explore four ways decorative wood beams can imbue your home with distinct character.

ceiling with faux wood beams

Enhance the Historical Charm

The first way to add character using decorative wood beams is by enhancing your home’s historical charm. Traditional homes, particularly those with a colonial or rustic design, greatly benefit from wooden accents. Decorative ceiling beams made from oak, pine, or even reclaimed wood can create an authentic vintage feel that takes your visitors back in time.

living room beams

Create Focal Points in Open Spaces

Modern homes are often designed with open floor plans, creating spaces that can feel vast and impersonal. Installing wood beams on ceilings can break up these expansive areas, effectively creating focal points that add depth and structure. Choose beams that contrast with your ceiling color to create a striking visual centerpiece that immediately draws the eye.

dark base boards in a white modern bedroom

Achieve a Cozy Atmosphere

Nothing says cozy like wood. Wood beams on the ceiling add a layer of warmth and intimacy to any room. This is particularly effective in large rooms or spaces with high ceilings, where decorative wood beams can make the space feel more snug and inviting. To enhance the coziness, you can complement the beams with wooden furniture or flooring, creating a harmonious wood-rich environment.

DIY Ceiling Beams for Customization

If you’re the hands-on type, DIY ceiling beams offer a unique opportunity for customization. This allows you to choose the type, stain, and dimensions, creating a look that’s tailored to your specific needs and taste. The process can also be quite rewarding, providing you with a sense of accomplishment when you step back and admire your handiwork.

Decorative wood beams are more than just an architectural element; they are a design statement that adds character, depth, and warmth to your home. Whether you are looking to enhance the historical charm, create a focal point in an open space, generate a cozy atmosphere, or even engage in a fulfilling DIY project, decorative ceiling beams are a versatile and impactful choice. Visit our online store to explore a range of options that will help transform your living space into a personalized sanctuary.

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How to Install Rift White Oak Ceiling Beams From Volterra

Ceiling beams are often an overlooked aspect of interior design, but they can make an impactful statement, transforming any room into an extraordinary space. If you’ve ever wondered how to upgrade your family room, living room, kitchen, or even commercial space like a restaurant, real wood ceiling beams could be the answer. This blog will guide you through the meticulous process of installing Rift White Oak ceiling beams from Volterra Architectural Products, industry leaders in manufacturing both faux and real wood beams for over two decades.

Why Choose Rift White Oak Beams

Rift White Oak is a luxurious choice for ceiling beams, known for its traditional tight graining that gives off an aesthetic blend of elegance and rugged charm. What sets these beams apart is the variety in their appearance — aside from the tight, straight grains, you may also find burl wood for added character. The selection process begins with choosing the right type of wood, and for those who appreciate the uniqueness of natural wood, Rift White Oak is an excellent choice.

light wood beams in an indoor pool area

Pre-Installation Planning and Layout

Before you dive into the actual installation, planning the layout is crucial. This involves chalk-lining your ceiling to guide the placement of the beams. Remember, White Oak only comes in lengths of up to 12 feet. If your room demands longer beams, they will come with seams. Expert craftsmen recommend flipping the seams around to make them less noticeable, ensuring a seamless look.

The Importance of Cleats and Anchors

An essential part of the installation process involves securing cleats to your ceiling, into which the beams will be fitted. Pilot holes are drilled at two-foot intervals along these cleats, followed by the installation of drywall anchors. These anchors not only provide support but also have a 70-pound pull strength, making them reliable for holding even heavier beams. The cleats are then bonded with adhesive for extra protection, ensuring a strong hold that will last.

An image of Volterra’s faux wood beams installed in a family room.



Measuring and Cutting the Beams

Once the cleats are securely in place, the beams need to be measured and cut. This step is crucial as the drywall usually flares, meaning the bottom of the beam will be slightly longer than the top. Expert craftsmen recommend adding a quarter inch or so to accommodate this. To ensure a clean cut without chipping the White Oak, you can use blue painter’s tape. Press the tape firmly onto the cutting area and make your cut through the tape, resulting in a clean and precise edge.

Versatility in Application

Rift White Oak ceiling beams are not just for residential applications. Many interior designers and industry professionals are increasingly using real wood beams for commercial spaces like restaurants and hospitality venues. The beauty and durability of these beams add a touch of luxury, making any space stand out.

Installing Rift White Oak ceiling beams can make a world of difference in transforming your space. Whether it’s your home or a commercial area, these beams offer both aesthetic and structural advantages. So why settle for ordinary when you can make your space extraordinary with Volterra’s real wood beams? Browse our extensive catalog for a variety of options and get ready to elevate your interior design game.

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