A Faux Wood Beam Goes a Long Way

The ceiling of a generic building does not do much in the way of creating an appealing design or aesthetic. Whether it is a house or an office building, there are guaranteed to be many pipes, beams, and wires running all along each other near the ceiling, creating an unsightly and dull appearance. The faux wood beam can be incorporated to breathe some serious life into this layout. Faux materials might not sound much more exciting than generic materials, but the truth is that faux wood is a high-demand product that has become a staple for many builders and designers. Faux wood beams are created with the intention of copying every aspect of authentic wood beams, mirroring their natural beauty. Wood beams are used for holding a roof up, contributing not only durability, but also warm, enchanting ambiance. Faux beams evoke that same exact feeling, all while transforming the ceiling from a lackluster mess to an arrangement of breathtaking display. Another advantage of the faux beam is its hollow interior. This emptiness permits the strategic camouflage of any suspended fixtures that you don’t want visible. In fact, this benefit allows even greater freedom with installation. Speakers, lights, sprinklers, and more can fit into the easy-to-alter surface of faux beams, their wires and cables safely tucked inside. These beams will not create a mess or require intensive planning to be properly cut into for the sake of any additions. Volterra Architectural Products is an expert manufacturing company that understands the necessity of clean, beautiful building layouts. These master producers create faux beams out of a high-density polyurethane foam that never needs any special attention or care after being installed. The beams are also available in striking colors, such as the dark chocolate brown color of the Espresso, and real-wood textures such as the Doug Fir. For more information and details on faux wood beams, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.

Faux Ceiling Beams: Simple Solutions for the Best Results

Builders and installers, whether they are professionals or amateurs, find it hard to resist the allure of wood beams. It is easy to see why, given their durability and natural beauty. How many materials can mimic the sort of elegance that is captured by a structure that is carved, cut, and sawed entirely from natural wood? While there are not many that can create this same effect, there are some that can not only mirror that beauty, but also improve upon it: faux ceiling beams. Dense beams built to withstand the weight of ceilings and roofs are sometimes maligned by dull or unsightly features. Metal and steal beams do not do much to excite the imagination, especially if the wires of televisions and speakers mingle with them, resulting in a particularly messy look. Faux ceiling beams are the perfect disguises for these blemishes. As structures that are hollow inside, faux beams can strategically mask anything that needs to be covered up, and it does so in style. Faux beams are created as synthetic cousins to natural wood beams, all the way down to the last grain. Friends, guests, and family members will never be able to tell that they are marveling at pieces that were created from high-density polyurethane foam. Volterra Architectural Products creates faux beams for these needs and more. Adorning a ceiling with ceiling beams from this leading manufacturer of faux wood products means that you are guaranteed beams that will withstand extreme elemental factors, age, cracking, rotting, and more. The polyurethane foam negates the necessity of any maintenance, something that cannot be said for authentic wood. After completing the layout of a home, with all of its fixtures properly placed on the walls and floors, the lingering knowledge that the ceiling needs care can be a frustrating feeling. Faux beams alleviate this frustration with simple application and unmatched beauty. To learn more about the faux ceiling beams available from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373 today.

Fill in the Empty Space with Beautiful Exposed Trusses

The ceiling is a wide, open space that often gets neglected in the decorating of a building in favor of more immediately visible parts, such as living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. But a ceiling’s emptiness can be a glaring oversight when taking into consideration the detailed adornments lining every other area of a space. Exposed trusses are big, space-filling marvels that beautifully fill ceilings with unique architectural elements. The conventional truss is a triangular-shaped structure that is built to carry the heavy loads that roofs and ceilings bear down on houses. The complex design of the truss carefully transfers this weight to strong and sturdy parts of the house like the walls. Usually, however, the truss is kept hidden in the area between the ceiling and the roof, so it is up to the exposed truss to provide an exciting and captivating appearance. Natural wood is often the material of choice for the most beautiful appearance, but natural wood trusses also come with a range of setbacks that rear their ugly heads sooner or later. Rotting, cracking, and warping are inevitable symptoms that result with age, leading to tedious and time-consuming maintenance. What is the alternative? Decorative trusses made of synthetic materials. Faux trusses from Volterra Architectural Products are manufactured specifically to imitate the exact appearance of natural wood, copying its color and texture, as well as the beauty that accompanies it. They are created to be lightweight to ensure a quick and easy installation process. These trusses also come in a variety of designs to match your taste, such as the curved Oxford and the baroque-looking Aspen. Exposed trusses absorb negative space quickly, and with their elaborate design and beauty, they embody everything positive about traditional wood structures. To learn more about the virtues of exposed trusses and how they can enhance the charisma of your home, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.

Non-Functional Architectural Beams Provide a Beautiful Aesthetic

Every facet of a building needs to work together to keep it standing strong and tall. An enormous feature like the ceiling doesn’t just stay suspended on its own, supported by just a few walls. It takes carefully placed structures that will absorb the pressure and disperse it to stronger areas. Beams achieve this feat, sitting high above in a building and transferring all of the weight to walls and columns. Sometimes, however, these beams are for function only and do not meet the design and aesthetic standards of builders, designers, and homeowners. Non-functional architectural beams are equally valuable additions. Standard beams do all of the hard work of bearing the weight. It is the job of the decorative beam to make a space shine as brightly as it can with its beautiful exterior. Faux beams that garner the most attention are typically those that duplicate the appearance of natural wood. Natural wood is a desired material because it has an elegant appearance that evokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, the cons of natural wood makes it a less enticing prospect when a builder is looking for purely aesthetic use. Its tendencies to wear, rot, and warp become problems down the line that require regular care. Faux beams, fortunately, avoid these problems, given their entirely synthetic makeup. The quality of beams will inevitably vary while looking for the ideal producer, but Volterra Architectural Products is the best bet for people who want consistently excellent products. Volterra has been in the business of manufacturing faux wood products for years. Volterra’s beams are created from high-density polyurethane foam for the sake of easy installation and round-the-clock immunity against the elements. With hollow interiors, these beams can fit around functional beams to adorn them with the breathtaking colors and textures of natural wood. Volterra has also garnered a reputation as a leading manufacturer of hardwood moulding and millwork products in Arizona. For more information about the unique products from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373 today.

Faux Wood Beams for Minimum Maintenance and Maximum Efficiency

The modern house is a marvel of architectural advancement, able to sustain life, technology, age, and an incredible amount of weight. Ceilings and walls decorated with accessories like chandeliers and ceiling fans or with functional speakers or sprinkler heads look much more clean when wires can be hidden within hollow faux beams. As any professional contractor knows, wires, cables, even unsightly structural beams can be difficult to hide.  Using beams can add a decorative flair while providing a useful function. Smart homes with automated security and in-home sound and entertainment often have extensive equipment and wiring that needs to be hidden. U-shaped faux beams can hide internal wires, and fixtures can be installed directly onto the surface of the beam. Another advantage of the faux beam is that it is excellent for indoor or outdoor applications because it is resistant to many of the factors that wear down natural wood products, such as weather, moisture, heat, insects and rot which can cause warping and breakage. If you are considering implementing faux beams into the building of a house, you should only trust the experts with the finest materials, such as Volterra Architectural Products. Volterra manufactures faux wood beams that are made from high-density polyurethane foam, all of which are created to duplicate the beauty and fine details of natural wood beams. The material used to build these beams ensures that each and every one is of the highest possible quality.  Additionally, the installation process is easy, even for novice do-it-yourselfers. Their catalog includes standard beams, box beams, arched beams, and decorative beams, along with planks and corbels to match. All of these fixtures are reasonably priced and require little to no maintenance, allowing you to focus on more urgent matters. These faux wood goods are created for residential and commercial building, and the natural look they imitate guarantees universal application, regardless of the details. If you are interested in purchasing faux beams, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.

Manufactured Beams Replicate the Look of Natural Wood

Installing wood beams in your home is a beautiful way to add architectural detail to any room. While real wood beams can be expensive and easily damaged over time, installing manufactured beams can be a beautiful and cost-effective solution. Not only are faux beams lightweight, easy to install, and cost efficient, but with modern finishes they can also effectively mimic the rustic beauty of solid wood beams. Starting With the Mold In order to properly emulate the surface texture and detail of fine wood grain, the molds for high-density polyurethane foam (HDF) beams are taken directly from actual wood. These molds are able to accurately capture the unique grain structure found in many different species of wood. There are several grain patterns to choose from, including Doug Fir, Tuscany, Sand Blasted, Hand Hewn or Rough Sawn, allowing for many aesthetic choices. Whether the style of your home is rustic, Spanish, or modern, between the various types of faux wood graining available it is easy to select the style that is right for your home. All About the Finish Not only are many texture and wood grain options available, but there are also a lot of choices when selecting your faux wood finishes. Whether you prefer a lighter oak stain, a rich walnut or dark espresso, your faux beam can be custom ordered in many colors to coordinate with your home’s décor. If you prefer a painted look, these custom HDF beams can also be ordered pre-primed and ready for any color you choose. Unlimited Applications Available Not only are these high tech faux beams easy to cut to size for any application, they also come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. These elegant beams excellent for straight installations, but they can also be custom manufactured with corbel-cut ends or in an arched form. While these beams are excellent for ceiling and outdoor applications, a faux wood planks and fireplace mantels are also available. Manufactured beams are a wonderful way to add the look of natural wood to your home without the price or maintenance of the real thing. To learn more about the wide variety of manufactured beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.

How Fake Ceiling Beams Are Made

With the many benefits of installing fake ceiling beams rather than solid wood, it is no wonder that so many homeowners are taking advantage of this beautiful product. Not only are they lightweight, cost effective, and able to properly emulate the look and texture of real wood, but they also have a very unique manufacturing process that makes them virtually maintenance free. High Quality HDF HDF is another name for the high density polyurethane foam used to create gorgeous and practical ceiling beams. This two-element mixture between a closed cell structure and a urethane resin generates a lightweight product that requires very little upkeep and is resistant to both water and pests. This unique product also will not warp, crack, or expand with weather conditions as natural wood does. Molds Created From Actual Wood In order to create the unique molds used to form faux wood beams, an imprint is taken directly from fresh lumber in order to properly emulate the fine detail of the grain, knots, and other imperfections that are typically littered throughout solid wood beams. Depending on the style of your home, there are many unique wood textures to choose from, including Doug Fir, Rough Sawn, Sand Blast, Hand Hewn and Tuscany. Manufactured ceiling beams that have been generated using these molds maintain a great deal of character and the beautifully imperfect qualities that realistically emulate the look of solid wood. Creating the Perfect Finish Once your beam has been molded and set, there are many distinctive finishes that can be used to coincide with any style of home. For a more traditional look, a deep mahogany stain can be applied to any HDF beam to allow the striking reddish hues to shine through the faux wood grain. If you are after a more transitional or classic style, a deep espresso or walnut hue can add the perfect architectural element to a newly renovated room. Using versatile and practical HDF foam to create fake ceiling beams is an excellent way to maintain all of the textured detail of real wood molds. Once your beam is finished with a stunning stain or coat of paint, it can be nearly impossible to tell whether your beams are real or faux. To learn more about how fake ceiling beams are made, or for information on the HDF beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.

Engineered Beams From Volterra Cost Much Less Than Real Wood

When deciding whether to purchase manufactured or solid wood beams for your home, your budget can be a huge factor when weighing your options. Engineered beams can be cheaper to purchase, but the big cost savings are because they are less expensive to install and they offer a lifetime of savings when it comes to long-term maintenance expenses. Initial Cost Beams from a Douglas Fir tree tend to be the most common and cost effective when searching for a solid wood beam. Although these are the least expensive, one 25-foot pine beam can cost over $1000, not including installation. When you select faux beams for your architectural details, not only do they accurately mimic the rustic appearance of real wood, but they also cost less. Installation Cost When installing a solid hardwood beam, it requires an entire team of professional contractors to lift and secure it into place. Since engineered beams are made of architectural foam, they are incredibly lightweight. With only a few common tools and some high-grade adhesive, many handy homeowners and contractors can complete the installation of these beautiful beams in no time. Faux ceiling beams can also be manufactured as per your exact measurements, saving you even more time and money on your installation. Maintenance Cost While solid wood is a durable material, it can require quite a bit of upkeep in order to ensure that it will maintain its strength and beauty over many years. Since wood is a porous substance, it requires an initial sealing prior to installation, and it will need regular maintenance in order to make sure it does not retain moisture. Wood is also prone to termite infestations, which can destroy the integrity of your beam if not properly managed. Not only do faux beams offer an identically aesthetic product when compared to solid wood, but they also do not require any additional upkeep in order to prevent water or termite damage. Not only are faux wood beams a beautiful solution to mimic the rustic integrity of solid wood, but they also offer a cost effective solution to any budget friendly homeowner. To learn more about the engineered beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.

The Many Advantages of Architectural Foam Beams

Architectural foam beams are becoming more and more popular, but many people still remain unaware of the advantages that come from using foam. Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, fake wood beams add a great touch to just about any building. Beauty and Design Wooden beams look good in almost any environment. In some homes, they add a rustic old-world touch; in others they create an aura of natural elegance. Real wood beams can be designed to match wooden floors, cabinets, or furniture, creating a cohesive and unified look. Beams made out of foam may sound unusual, but they can mimic natural wood perfectly, coming in a wide variety of colors and textures. They can also be painted or stained to match virtually any décor. Weight and Durability Another advantage of using high-density polyurethane foam beams is that they are lightweight and durable. Real wood can be heavy, meaning that sometimes you cannot attach it without the right supports. This can force you to change your dream plans or drop them entirely due to budgetary concerns. Foam weighs significantly less, however, and can be mounted just about anywhere. Another advantage is that foam is durable; unlike real wood it won’t crack, split, or warp. Architectural foam products are water-resistant and can be used both indoors and out. Low Cost Finally, foam beams are much cheaper than real wood. Depending on the type and size of beam you get, a natural wood beam can cost over thirty dollars per foot. If each beam needs to be twelve to fifteen feet long and you’re using multiple beams, that cost can add up very quickly. Foam beams can be manufactured in 30 foot lengths without any visible seams. Using foam beams is one great way to save a lot of money on decorating or remodeling a room. Adding real wood to a room looks great, but it can also constrict your design plans and cost you quite a bit of money. High density foam can mimic the look of wood almost perfectly, and they’ll make the installation process much easier. Using architectural foam beams is a great way to save money and spruce up a room. To learn more about the architectural foam beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.

Why Use High Density Foam Ceiling Beams?

The look of exposed ceiling beams is very popular in homes and offices today. They can be used to complement a traditional décor or to match the sleek, modern lines of a contemporary décor. They can add warmth and rustic beauty or an element of sophistication. No matter what type of décor you hope to achieve, exposed beams are a great way to get the desired look. When real wood beams are impractical, high density polyurethane foam ceiling beams are an excellent alternative that offers many benefits over real wood.

Less Expense and Less Labor-Intensive

Foam beams, made out of high-density polyurethane, cost much less than their real wood counterparts. They are very lightweight and easy to install, but look just like the real thing. There is a great selection of beams in various textures and finishes, such as:

  • Douglas fir
  • Sand-blasted
  • Rough sawn
  • Tuscany
  • Hand-hewn

Instead of requiring the expertise of an entire team of workmen and expensive equipment, these beams can be installed by one or two talented specialists in a relatively short period of time, saving even more money on installation costs.

Versatile Style

Many home and business owners appreciate the flexibility that foam wood beams offer. Their installation can be made in a semi-permanent fashion, so that they can be taken down when a change is desired. Renters especially appreciate this type of installation because it allows them to make improvements to their rental space that they can take with them when their lease is up. The beams have even been used to create a rustic look for events, such as weddings or charity galas, that only last a day or a few days. To increase their versatility, many of these beams are easy to paint or stain, facilitating a drastic change in appearance with very little effort.

Both Form and Function

Exposed foam ceiling beams can be used to direct the flow of heated or cooled air. Real wood might suffer when subjected to this type of constant air flow, but beams constructed from polyurethane won’t suffer at all. Additionally, because they are hollow, faux wood beams can be used to hide duct work, pipes, sprinkler heads and other fixtures. Thus, the same beautiful elements that have such a powerful impact on home décor can also work to blend in with the necessary fixtures and components. Why use high density foam beams instead of real wood? For a much lower price, you can get the same decorative effect, convenient versatility, and an important aid in keeping your home more comfortable. You can enjoy all the beauty of wood beams with all the benefits of foam ceiling beams when you purchase products from Volterra. To learn more about the durable and affordable foam ceiling beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.