The Six Major Window Trim Design Styles

Window trim is a term used to describe a wide range of decorative elements that surround a window casing. It can be applied on the interior or exterior of the window, designed to blend in or stand out, depending on the style of the home. Volterra Architectural Products provides a variety of moulding and millwork options to help you create the perfect window trim! If you are unfamiliar with window trim design, it might help to gain an understanding of the four common design styles used in window trim today.

Ranch Style Window Trim Design

To begin, there are ranch-style window trim designs. If you are familiar with ranch houses, then you are probably familiar with the plain window trim that tends to accompany them. Ranch-style trim is usually very plain and simple, giving it clean lines.

In general, ranch trim is thin and provides only a small frame around the windows to make them stand out. It can be painted to match the rest of the trim on the exterior of a house, but often it is painted white. For modern homes, Ranch style window trim is a good choice.


Craftsman Style Trim

Next up is craftsman-style trim, usually found on Craftsman-style houses, but sometimes seen in other home styles as well. Craftsman-style trim is similar to ranch-style trim because it tends to have a low profile and only a few simple accents. This style is characterized by clean lines, flat profiles, and simple details.

Craftsman-style window trim typically features a flat header with a projecting sill and tapered or squared-off vertical side pieces. For instance, a small amount of layering or texture added around the outer edge of the trim is common. If you happen to own a Craftsman house, this design style will be a natural fit for your existing windows.


Colonial Style Trim

Colonial-style trim has remained popular across generations. It features a more dynamic appearance with texture, depth, and added layering and height. Colonial-style window trim is typically more ornate and decorative, featuring a pediment above the window and curved or angled side pieces.

Colonial-style trim is found in Colonial-era homes, giving them their stately look, but has also been brought into many modern homes to add a classic flair. The trim is often painted white or another light color and may include molding or other decorative details.

Provincial Style Window Trim Design

Provincial-style trim is also available. Provincial style is most noted for its European roots, but it is often found in country homes and plantation-style houses. Provincial style trim relies heavily on depth and accents to make a bold visual impact.

Modern Style Trim

Modern-style window trim features clean, sleek lines and minimalist details. The trim is typically painted in a neutral color and may be made from polyurethane, metal, wood, or other materials.

Rustic Style Trim

Rustic-style window trim is characterized by its use of natural materials and earthy colors. The trim may feature rough-hewn wood or stone detailing, and may include elements such as wrought iron accents or decorative carvings.

As you decide what kind of window trim design to use for your home, take some time to research the architectural style of your home as well as common trim styles. You should be able to match your trim to the style of your home to create a unified look throughout your house. To learn more about different trim styles and profiles, contact us at Volterra Architectural Products today!

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Using Moulding to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

If you’re tired of your cramped, stuffy rooms, it may be time to look at design solutions to make the space feel bigger. The good news is that the simple addition of new moulding can drastically change the appearance of your room and give you more space to breathe. Moulding is a decorative element that can add character and sophistication to any room. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Adding Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is a type of moulding that is installed at the top of walls, where they meet the ceiling. Crown moulding draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and more space. This is an easy and effective way to add visual interest to a small room and make it feel larger. 

Crown moulding comes in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can choose the perfect option to fit your design aesthetic. For small rooms, it is typically better to choose a simple and straightforward moulding design that isn’t too overwhelming, making sure that it is no wider than four inches to avoid overshadowing the space.

Painting Your Moulding

The next step is choosing colors for your trim for rooms that already have moulding in place. Painting your moulding a lighter color than your wall, or even matching the trim to the ceiling color will add depth to your room and give the illusion of pushing the walls further out. This is because the lighter trim extends the ceiling visually and makes it look taller. 

Plain white trim over darker walls looks great and achieves the desired effect. Using moulding to make your room look larger is just one simple way to make the most of your space. By thinking carefully about the design and color of your trim, you can create the illusion that your space is wider, taller, and more generous.

Chair Rail Moulding

Chair rail moulding is a type of moulding that is installed at the height of a chair back, typically around three feet from the floor. Chair rail moulding can be used to break up a wall into two distinct areas, adding depth and dimension to a small room. By painting the area above the chair rail a lighter color and the area below a darker color, you can help convey a higher ceiling and a larger space.

half wall moulding in a living room

Baseboard Moulding

Baseboard moulding is a type of moulding that is installed at the bottom of walls, where they meet the floor. Baseboard moulding can be used to create a finished look to a room and also to visually enlarge the space. By using a taller baseboard moulding, you can give the impression of higher ceilings and more space. This is an easy and affordable way to add character and sophistication to a small room.

Moulding is an easy and affordable way to make a small room look bigger. By using crown moulding, chair rail moulding, and baseboard moulding, you can creatively implement the feeling of more space and add character and sophistication to any room in your home. At Volterra Architectural Products, we offer a wide variety of moulding to suit any design aesthetic. Our moulding is made from high-density polyurethane, which provides a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional wood moulding.

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