Revitalizing Your Patio Ceiling with Faux Wood Planks

Colors When you think of refreshing your patio ceiling, color is one of the first concerns that comes to mind. You don’t want a color that makes your patio ceiling look too close or too small, but you also want something that meshes seamlessly with your design taste. Faux wood planks are produced in a wide range of shades, so you will certainly be able to find an option which not only suits the height and size of your patio ceiling, but also its aesthetic.  


Choosing the right texture for your patio ceiling materials is key to creating an inviting outdoor space. Fortunately, if you choose to work with faux wood planks, you’ll have many texture options. Faux wood planks offer everything from the soothing curves of a sand blast texture to the authentic rustic look of a hand hewn option.  


As part of your outdoor space, your patio ceiling is constantly exposed to weather and other elements. Faux wood planks are built for longevity under any conditions, and they require minimal maintenance throughout their long lifespan. Designing a patio ceiling with faux wood planks allows you to create the aesthetic you’ve dreamed of without labor-intensive upkeep, so you can spend your time truly enjoying the outdoor space you’ve created.   Volterra Architectural Products offers a range of faux wood plank products that can give your patio ceiling a fresh new look. Our products are strong enough for outdoor spaces, and our wide range of designs ensures that you will find just the right product to tie together your exterior entertaining space. Visit our catalog today to see our full collection and get ideas from our portfolio. For more information, contact us at 602-253-7373.]]>

Influences on Today’s Interior Design

architecture. Some of the earliest influencers can still be seen in our homes today, from the placement of our windows to the colors that we use together. Here are some of the biggest influences we see today:


The Americana style is a revision of an early 18th century style known as Adam. Americana continues to be popular, bringing natural wood cabin looks into modern living spaces. You will see designed with the help of wood beams and planks throughout the home, accented by traditional copper fixtures that blend into the look seamlessly. Ornamented with rustic art, Americana styled homes can be found across the US.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was popular in the early 1900’s, pulling ideas from natural structures. Builders and designers hoped to mimic the miracle of design that happens in nature. This can be seen with some of the more whimsical fixtures and structures that look like interwoven tree branches, or buildings featuring a-symmetrical spaces.

Art Deco

Interior design underwent a major change following the first World War. Due to changes in the economy and lifestyles of people around the world, home design became more of a practical matter than an aesthetic one. Art Deco was characterized by long, clean lines and fluid movement between the pieces of a home. Much of today’s minimalist design calls upon principles of art deco to organize spaces.


Now we are looking at a whole new era of modern design that continues to change the way we think of space. We have seen a resurgence of open-concept builds that welcome sunlight in and help us feel connected to nature. These designs are often accented by using wood-looks to bring pieces of the outdoors inside and blur the line between our living spaces. All of these influences continue to play a part in design today. Volterra Architectural Products has a portfolio full of examples of these design elements in play with our very own faux wood products. You can see for yourself how you can create a perfect visual based on your favorite design themes and styles by calling us at 602-253-7373.]]>

3 Reasons to Use Faux Wood Planks

architectural elements is too costly. This is attributed by the fact that many of the decorative elements and products used have been expensive. However, with the introduction of faux products this has changed. No matter the budget, anyone can change the look of their home or landscape at an affordable price. A good example of faux products which are really transforming the look of homes around the world are faux wood planks. Here are the three main reasons why you should make faux wood planks a key element in your home makeover:

1. Versatility

Faux wood planks are versatile and can be used in both the interior and exterior of your home. Use the planks to texture your ceilings, create feature walls, build a gazebo and many other creative transformations throughout your home.

2. Add aesthetic beauty and make a statement

Faux wood planks give you the beauty and appeal of natural wood by emulating its look and texture. They are strikingly beautiful to look at and will help make a statement to the many visitors coming to your home.

3. Efficiency and cost effective

These faux wood planks are dense and efficient to work with. Besides their aesthetic appeal, they offer functionality and durability. The beauty of using these planks is that for all their beauty and efficiency, they come at an affordable cost, which makes them ideal for everyone. Faux wood planks are a creative way of adding long lasting beauty to the interior and exterior of your home without necessarily breaking the bank. If your space is looking and feeling plain, faux wood planks are a good way to update your space. To learn more about the many kinds of faux wood planks available, visit the Volterra Architectural Products catalogue or call us at 602-258-7373.]]>

Faux Wood Planks as Ceiling Treatments

Faux wood planks are a very easy way to instantly change up the ambiance in any space. In rooms without a source of natural light, a flat, plain white ceiling is a good choice to reflect light back into the room, but in most other cases, a flat, plain white ceiling draws attention to the fact that something’s missing. When all four walls and the floor have been ‘finished off’, the eyes are drawn upward, noticing the distinct contrast. While a stark white ceiling is a decorating safety net, faux wood planks can take the ceiling to new creative heights, adding visual interest, dimension, insulation and a warmer atmosphere. Volterra’s faux wood planks, for the ceiling, add depth to interior rooms but can also be used to enhance exterior patio, deck, and gazebo spaces. Why use faux wood planks instead of true wood? Volterra products are made from high-density polyurethane foam (HDF), making them lighter, easier, and less expensive to install. Their faux wood planks and other products such as beams, mantels and mouldings, are cast from natural wood, so they replicate the actual surface textures and wood-grain detail of wood without the hassles that real wood bring, such as warping, splitting, bowing and rotting.]]>

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