Keys to Successful Farmhouse Design

farmhouse designFarmhouse design has become trendy once again, and more people are trying to bring traditional farmhouse features into their suburban homes. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate farmhouse styling in your home, there are a few key areas where you need to focus your energies.

Natural and Neutral Materials

A major staple of farmhouse design is the use of natural wood finishes throughout the space. The good news is that you can purchase faux wood beams, fireplace mantles, and trim which looks just like real wood without costing an arm and a leg or requiring any special skills to install. Once you’ve selected the natural wood finishes you want to showcase, the next step is to choose a few neutral colors that accent the wood’s tone for decorating the rest of the room.

Stay Functional

Farmhouses were all about simplicity and productivity. Thus, when it’s time to select trim and furnishings, make sure you stick to something plain and functional. You don’t want lots of detailed carving or layers on your cabinetry, baseboards or other areas. Clean lines and simple design is what you’re looking for, with lots of open space for easy maneuvering through your home. The best farmhouse designs are accomplished when you ditch the fussy details and go for something straightforward. Volterra Architectural Products is here to help you design your new farmhouse style home with matching trim and accents made from high quality HDF materials. Visit us online today to learn more.]]>

Add Comfort with a Faux Wood Mantle this Winter

faux wood fireplace mantel adds a nice touch for family photos, festive holiday cards, warm candles, and gift stockings. Every fireplace, whether gas, wood-burning, or even the electric kind, deserves a mantle. Without one, it’s just not complete. Volterra has a faux wood fireplace mantle to suit any home décor, whether your fireplace facade is brick, stone, wood, or faux wood. Volterra’s faux wood mantles are constructed from a high-density polyurethane foam (HDF) and forged from natural wood. This means they’re actually molded with the exact same details as natural wood. For example, the wood grain and texture of a Volterra’s faux wood is crafted to match real wood. Volterra’s faux wood products are just like the real thing in appearance, but they’re much lighter, making them a breeze to install and much more affordable. Volterra Architectural Products offers a range of faux wood products that can give your living space a fresh new look. Visit our catalog today to see our full collection and get ideas from our portfolio. For more information, contact us at 602-253-7373.]]>

Finish Your Bathroom Redesign With Volterra

Crown Mouldings Crown mouldings add elegance to any bathroom redesign. Not only do mouldings make a bathroom appear more refined, but they also add visual interest to walls that may be bland or bare.  


Many bathroom redesign projects seek to create a space that feels private but not cramped or closed-off. Adding shutters to your bathroom windows creates an additional layer of privacy without cutting off natural light.  

Window and Door Trim

Like crown mouldings, window and door trims make rooms feel more elegant and finished. Incorporating trims that are similar to the architectural products you already have in other rooms can lead to a bathroom redesign that ties your whole home aesthetic together.  

Ceiling Beams

Adding ceiling beams can be an exciting bathroom redesign project for expansive spaces or attic bathrooms — especially if you love a rustic or traditional design aesthetic. Faux wood beams replicate the look of natural wood with less maintenance and greater durability.   Volterra Architectural Products offers a wide range of architectural products that can help you create the unique, luxurious bathroom redesign of your dreams. With mouldings, shutters, trims, and beams for any size space, Volterra can help you create a bathroom aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. For redesign ideas for any room of your house, visit their online gallery.]]>

What are High Density Foam Products?

HDF Wood Beam Products One of the most common types of high density foam products is wood beams. HDF wood beams are made specifically for decorative purposes, and easily replicate the look of sturdy ceiling beams or trusses at only a fraction of the weight. They are extremely easy to install and secure without fear of damaging the ceiling structure.  

HDF Outdoor Planks

High density foam products are also ideal for use outside because they are not subject to rotting or breaking down like real wood. As such, you will see these products in spaces such as the ceilings of covered patio spaces. The finish on HDF planks is baked on at the time of manufacture, so they can stand the test of time even under bright sunshine or extreme weather.   Volterra Architectural Products carries a wide range of high density foam products for your home’s interior and exterior. From your window trim to your floor boards, high density foam is a perfect solution that is both durable and easy to work with. Visit Volterra’s online gallery to see more of these products in action.]]>

4 Benefits of High Density Foam

High density polyurethane foam products have grown in popularity in the build and design industry and it really doesn’t come as a surprise. They are steadily replacing the love for natural wood and other interior design materials which dominated the industry for a long time.



At Volterra Architectural Products, we utilize quality high density foam to create faux wood beams, trusses, and other architectural details.  In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what high density foam is and the benefits it offers.


What is High Density Foam?

High density foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is known for its high strength and durability. It is often used in construction and industrial applications where strength and stability are key. High density foam is also popular in the design world due to its ability to be shaped and molded into almost any form. This makes it the perfect material for creating faux wood beams, trusses, and other architectural details, which is why we utilize it here at Volterra. 


High density foam is highly durable and will stand the test of time. Unlike wood, it will not warp, rot, or crack and is not susceptible to insect damage. Products manufactured with this material can last for over 20 years. The solid nature of the material also makes it usable in demanding outdoor environments.


High density foam products are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. They can be cut, sawed, glued, screwed, and painted to create the desired look. Plus, as mentioned, it can be molded into almost any shape, making it the perfect material for use in architecture and design. Products can also be easily customized with different looks, designs and even colors.


It’s no secret that lumber prices have been on the rise in recent years. Fortunately, high density foam products offer a much more budget-friendly alternative to natural wood. In fact, foam products are typically 30-50% cheaper than their wood counterparts. The money you save on materials can be invested elsewhere in your project.



High density foam products are also much lighter than natural wood, making them much easier to work with. This can be a big advantage when it comes to the installation process. Volterra’s faux wood beams that are manufactured with high density foam, for example, will not come with the same installation hassle of real wood ceiling beams. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to using high density foam products. You can find products that fit just about any application, but for those related to your interior needs, look no further than Volterra Architectural Products. We utilize high density foam to create faux wood beams, trusses, and other architectural details that are not only beautiful but also highly durable and cost-effective. Shop today!

3 Exterior Design Tips for Your Home

1. Accentuate windows and doors with trims Beyond landscaping and the roof of your home, the front door and windows are the first things people notice when they approach any house. The last thing you want is for your front door and windows to lack character and give your guests a bad impression about your home.  It only takes the addition of high quality trim to your front door and windows from Volterra Architectural Products to give your home charm and personality that will make a lasting first impression to your guests.

2. Add much needed curb appeal to your home using corbels and brackets

Add some much needed curb appeal to your property by using our lavish and intricately designed decorative exterior brackets and corbels. The corbels can be used just below the roof or around the corners and edges of the house and will add subtle character to the walls.

3. Vents- simple, effective and eye-catching

As much as vents are a necessity for ventilation, they can also be a  good decorative element for the exterior. Peruse through the range of vents we have here in Volterra and choose the type and design of vents which will help eliminate the monotony of plain walls. Volterra Architectural Products offers a variety of products that can give your home an updated look. Help your home stand out from the crowd by contacting us on our website of by calling 602-258-7373.]]>

Buying a Custom Mantel for Your Fireplace

mantel is that you get a piece that is unique and helps to express your inner self and your personal taste. A custom fireplace mantel not only brings a sense of utility to the otherwise empty space around the fireplace but also accentuates the other pieces around the fireplace giving the room a good ambience. It also adds functional space for displaying family portraits or artwork. Choosing the right mantel means balancing design and cost.


You definitely don’t want a mantel so big that it will take away from the fireplace. Nor do you need a small mantel that will only make the fireplace look unfinished and clumsy. Choose a decent size mantel that extends beyond the fireplace by a few inches on either side, or that fits the fireplace surround.


Wooden mantels are the best when it comes to accentuating fireplaces. The good thing about opting for wood is the fact that it can be easily stained or painted to match the surrounding décor in your house, and offset any stonework or other tile in the background. Faux wood mantels, which come in a variety of wood grain textures and stains, are a great choice because they are less expensive and very easy to install.  You have the option of metal and marble as well, although at a much steeper price.


Depending on the style, design and material used to make the custom mantel, you can spend anything from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You therefore need to be mindful of your budget before you consider making a purchase. The actual dimensions of your mantel will determine how much you spend, as well as any design details that are added to the surface. Volterra Architectural Products offers faux wood mantels in several sizes that can be accented with corbels, moulding and other products to create a completely unique finish for your home. Don’t spend another day with a drab fireplace. Turn it into an inviting gathering place.  Call Volterra at 602-258-7373 or visit their showroom in Phoenix, Arizona to see a variety of mantels and other specialty architectural products.]]>

3 Clever Uses for Foam Corbels

1. Kitchen cabinets Foam corbels are perfect for under kitchen cabinets because minimum support is required here. Since the cabinets are bolted to the walls, the foam corbels will be used solely for decoration. When fitted perfectly, foam corbels accentuate the kitchen cabinet giving ordinary builder-grade cabinets a custom look that is appealing to the eye.

2. Fireplace

Many people omit the fireplace mantel when thinking about decorating their homes. This however, should not be the case because the fireplace can be a spectacle when decorated with the right elements. There is no better way of decorating your fireplace and giving it a grand look than dressing it up with foam corbels. Adding corbels underneath the mantel or on the floating shelf will give it an astonishingly elegant finish.

3. Kitchen counters and Islands

The sides of most kitchen counters are often plain and simple. Curved foam corbels can be used to add elegance to the kitchen counters and offer a decorative element to kitchen counter overhangs. The results are truly amazing and your kitchen will be transformed forever. Island bar tops are beautifully accented with decorative corbels. Foam corbels are one of the fine details that can make or break the aesthetic of a house. They come either smooth or in a variety of textures and stain colors so you can find something that matches the other architectural elements in your home. They can also be painted to match colors or provide an accent. Volterra Architectural Products offers foam corbels in a variety of sizes and designs to spruce up your home.  ]]>

What is a Truss Tail?

Styles of Truss Tails Some truss tails are designed to prevent the ends of the truss from looking bulky or unfinished. These are angled to fill the space beneath the eave without prominently standing out. Some truss tails extend out past the end of the roof and feature curves and rounded edges which give them a beautiful finish. These types of design elements can add additional value to your home by boosting curb appeal and making your home stand out from the neighbors.

Buying Truss Tails

Once you’ve decided to purchase truss tails to dress up your home, you will need to measure the length of your roof line and determine how many truss points you will be covering. Decide how far you want your truss tails to extend past the end of your roof or if you want them to lay flush with the edge of your roof. Truss tails come in a variety of pre-cut sizes, so it’s assured that you can find the length and width you need, and easily order the correct quantity to go around your entire home. Volterra offers faux wood truss tails made of high density polyurethane foam, in Doug Fir texture with 5 stain options or primed and ready for you to paint or stain. If you’re looking for a way to give your home a new look, consider how truss tails can help. There are many different styles and sizes available that can drastically update the look of your home. Volterra Architectural Products has a full collection of pre-cut Doug Fir truss tails to choose from. Visit our online catalogue today or call and speak with one of our representatives about your design options.]]>

Adding Corbels to Boost Curb Appeal

corbels in a range of sizes and styles to match your home. They can easily be stained and installed in areas that will earn you a return.

Classic Appeal

Corbels are often used to give a home a distinguished classical look similar to the popular Victorian and Renaissance era. The multi-faceted corbels draw the eye toward long, graceful roof lines and window sills. They can be used to accent your paint scheme and make your home stand out from others on your street or you can match your corbels to your window shutters and trim to create a beautifully refined look.

Simple Application

When searching for ways to boost your curb appeal, many projects you may consider could end up being both time consuming and costly. For example, a full landscaping overhaul may cost significantly more than the return you will end up getting when you sell your home. By contrast, corbels are relatively inexpensive.  You can also control the amount you spend by choosing from a wide variety of styles ranging from simple to highly ornate. The hardware and labor needed to install corbels is significantly less than what you would expect to pay to repaint your entire home. With so many neighborhoods being built with a cookie cutter approach, it can be difficult to make your house stand out from the mundane. Corbels offer a way to draw the attention of potential buyers who will be even more surprised if you use those same corbels throughout the interior of your home, giving it an even more unified appeal. Before you spend a fortune trying to prepare your house for the market, visit Volterra Architectural Products online or call at 602-258-7373 and see how corbels can change the whole look of your home.  ]]>